Commit 302ef041 authored by Niels's avatar Niels

feat(data): added the CBS OData API

Closes #83
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"description": "Met behulp van de CBS OData API kan je Articles, Pages, Figures, Events en Flash data van de CBS website ophalen.",
"organization_name": "Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)",
"service_name": "CBS OData",
"api_url": "",
"api_type": "REST/JSON",
"specification_url": "$metadata",
"documentation_url": "",
"tags": [],
"badges": [],
"contact": {
"email": "",
"phone": "",
"fax": "",
"chat": "",
"url": ""
"is_reference_implementation": false,
"terms_of_use": {
"government_only": false,
"pay_per_use": false,
"uptime_guarantee": 99.5,
"support_response_time": ""
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