Commit bc97efc9 authored by Pascal J. Bourguignon's avatar Pascal J. Bourguignon

write-manifest now returns the pathname of the written manifest file.

parent 4e33a877
......@@ -377,24 +377,26 @@ into the keyword package."
(defun write-manifest (program-name system)
DO: write a {program-name}-{distribution}.manifest file for the given SYSTEM.
RETURN: the pathname of the manifest file written.
(let ((base (executable-name program-name))
(exec (executable-filename program-name)))
(let* ((base (executable-name program-name))
(exec (executable-filename program-name))
(manifest-pathname (merge-pathnames (format nil "~A.manifest" base)
(with-open-file (*standard-output*
;; Bug in ccl:
;; "Version 1.9-r15757 (LinuxX8664)"
;; "Version 1.9-r15759 (DarwinX8664)"
;; doesn't use *default-pathname-defaults* :-(
(merge-pathnames (format nil "~A.manifest" base)
:direction :output
:if-does-not-exist :create
:if-exists :supersede)
(format t "Manifest for ~A~%~V,,,'-<~>~2%" exec
(+ (length "Manifest for ") (length exec)))
(print-manifest system)
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