Commit a42f4ee9 authored by Pascal J. Bourguignon's avatar Pascal J. Bourguignon

Added print-readtable-comparison.

parent 4c53018d
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@
(:use "COMMON-LISP")
(defun remove-all-macro-characters (readtable)
......@@ -106,6 +107,47 @@ NOTE: We have the same function in the com.informatimago.common-lisp.lisp-read
:finally (return (nreverse result))))
(defun print-readtable-comparison (n1 rt1 n2 rt2)
(flet ((preprocess (entry rt)
(ecase (first entry)
(destructuring-bind (terminating ch) (rest entry)
(list (string ch) (first entry) terminating
(get-macro-character ch rt))))
(destructuring-bind (terminating ch sub) (rest entry)
(list (format nil "~C~C" ch sub) (first entry) terminating
(get-dispatch-macro-character ch sub rt))))))
(report-difference (e1-e2 n1 e1 n2)
(when e1-e2
(format t "Reader macro~P in ~S but not in ~S:~%" (cdr e1-e2) n1 n2)
(dolist (e e1-e2)
(let ((ee1 (assoc (first e) e1 :test (function string=))))
(destructuring-bind (s1 o1 t1 f1) ee1
(declare (ignore t1 f1))
(format t "~A ~S is in ~S but not in ~S.~%" o1 s1 n1 n2)))))))
(let* ((e1 (mapcar (lambda (entry) (preprocess entry rt1)) (list-all-macro-characters rt1)))
(e2 (mapcar (lambda (entry) (preprocess entry rt2)) (list-all-macro-characters rt2)))
(common (intersection e1 e2 :key (function first) :test (function string=)))
(e1-e2 (set-difference e1 e2 :key (function first) :test (function string=)))
(e2-e1 (set-difference e2 e1 :key (function first) :test (function string=))))
(when common
(format t "Reader macro~P in common between ~S and ~S:~%" (cdr common) n1 n2)
(dolist (e common)
(let ((ee1 (assoc (first e) e1 :test (function string=)))
(ee2 (assoc (first e) e2 :test (function string=))))
(destructuring-bind (s1 o1 t1 f1) ee1
(destructuring-bind (s2 o2 t2 f2) ee2
(declare (ignore s2 o2))
(unless (eql t1 t2)
(format t "~A ~S is ~:[not-~;~]terminating in ~S but ~:[not-~;~]terminating in ~S.~%"
o1 s1 t1 n1 t2 n2))
(unless (eql f1 f2)
(format t "~A ~A are not bound to the same function.~%" o1 s1)))))))
(report-difference e1-e2 n1 e1 n2)
(report-difference e2-e1 n2 e2 n1)))
#-(and) (
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