Commit 15950099 authored by Pascal J. Bourguignon's avatar Pascal J. Bourguignon

Corrected order of definitions.

parent 0641e724
......@@ -170,9 +170,7 @@
(defgeneric scanner-current-token (scanner)
(:documentation "The last token read."))
(defgeneric scanner-current-text (scanner)
(:documentation "Text of the current token")
(:method ((scanner scanner))
(prin1-to-string (scanner-current-token scanner))))
(:documentation "Text of the current token"))
(defclass scanner (sloted-object)
((source :initarg :source
......@@ -221,6 +219,10 @@ Subclasses may use scanner-stream to read from the source.")
(:documentation "An abstract scanner."))
(defmethod scanner-current-text ((scanner scanner))
(prin1-to-string (scanner-current-token scanner)))
(defgeneric increment-column-to-next-tab-stop (scanner)
(:documentation "
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