Commit f758d1cb authored by Pascal J. Bourguignon's avatar Pascal J. Bourguignon

Moved selection of objc-object to run-time instead of read-time for ease of compilation with asdf.

parent cce0e20c
......@@ -250,10 +250,10 @@ common-lisp:package and common-lisp:symbol.
(function dependencies)))
(tlee class)))
(or (gethash 'root nodes)
#+#.(cl:if (cl:find-package "OBJC") '(:and) '(:or))
(gethash 'objc:objc-object nodes)
#+#.(cl:if (cl:find-package "NS") '(:and) '(:or))
(gethash 'ns:ns-object nodes))))
(when (cl:find-package "OBJC")
(gethash (find-symbol "OBJC-OBJECT" (cl:find-package "OBJC")) nodes))
(when (cl:find-package "NS")
(gethash (find-symbol "NS-OBJECT" (cl:find-package "NS")) nodes)))))
(*package* (or (cl:find-package :pw)
(safe-find-package :cl-user))))
(setf *tlee* tlee)
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