1. 20 Nov, 2020 15 commits
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  4. 17 Nov, 2020 7 commits
    • Jason Plum's avatar
      Merge branch 'jts/adds-readiness-probe-for-shell' into 'master' · a57b737a
      Jason Plum authored
      Adds readiness probe for gitlab-shell
      See merge request !1649
    • John Skarbek's avatar
      Adds readiness probe for gitlab-shell · e96c3778
      John Skarbek authored
      * Configures the readiness probe for the gitlab-shell to utilize a tcp
      check for port 2222
        * This is hardcoded as it is hardcoded in the CNG configuration and is
        therefore not an item that can be changed
        * We do not rely on the healthcheck script as this will accidentally
        match the `pgrep` which is not precise when the sshd is not running
        but clients may still be connected
      * Set the default values of the readiness probes to be slightly shorter
      than the liveness probes to allow for a Pod to go into an unhealthy
      state, removing it from service, prior to being restarted
        * This should hopefully allow for existing connections to complete vs
        becoming interrupted during deploys or incidents with a given Pod
      * Adds an example configuration explaining the use case of potentially
      requiring more fine tuning of this configuration
    • Jason Plum's avatar
      Merge branch '2339-improv-proxy-env-vars' into 'master' · 45fbbe10
      Jason Plum authored
      Populate three dots of DNS for internal Services
      Closes #2339
      See merge request !1606
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    • Jason Plum's avatar
      gitlab-shell: sshd_config observe internalPort · 4aa9f57c
      Jason Plum authored
      The `gitlab/gitlab-shell` chart's `sshd_config` did not populate the
      exposed port from `service.internalPort`, though the rest of the chart
      resources did. This brings alignment, and allows setting of the
      listening port of sshd.
    • Achilleas Pipinellis's avatar
      Merge branch 'update-kind-docs' into 'master' · 60389758
      Achilleas Pipinellis authored
      Clarify and improve KinD docs/resources
      See merge request !1639
    • Mitchell Nielsen's avatar
      Adjust usage of global.hosts.domain · a7a4161a
      Mitchell Nielsen authored
      Rather than instructing the user to edit the values file to set
      `global.hosts.domain`, this recommends passing it using the `--set` flag
      in either deployment option. This should be a bit easier to follow, and
      would allow the user to use the `raw` file links rather than needing to
      clone the repository.
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