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It's the end of day one of Relearn 2015, and it's really, <i>really</i> exiting to note all the additions and modifications to this third edition. And, while we love version control, differences, here, are pointless.
So we gather. And a ton of things start to happen. We start using a set of tools, because it's Relearn, but also because it's needed. Also, because few are the opportunities that are missed to expose the working of digital conventions.
A load of discussions get going. Some of them, down to earth, some of them very abstract. And while they all have focus, nobody knows where they might go next. Or how one might propose to continue them.
So we rediscover the ideas behind this gathering. Some of us attempt to
Making a mark, marking a mark setting a goal.
The only thing you can attribute truth to is an expression.
To say something is true is to say that that expression is applicable to any context to any situation.
Top albums —I'm glad I didn't listen to— 2013
While the big blogs are all putting out their early lists, there is good perspective on the year in music. We were warned, and we can't have been disappointed, 2013 will go down as a very dense year.
Meanwhile, I can but notice how much of the music we got this year has been overhyped, while the real quality stuff was left at the bottom of the pile. I have my interests in music and I have my dislikes. Mainly dislikes. Here are some albums that came out this year, that I'm glad I did not spend any time on:
Kanye Fucking West
Too much chitter chatter.
Childish Gambino
Lady Gaga
Justin Timberlake
Daft Punk
The National
Arcade Fire
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