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# meditation on accountability
I seem to be holding two professional lives. One in which I strive for the review of technological values and digital literacy, the other in which I do labor within set budgets that got converted to hours of work. These two lives are in constant contradiction, one always undermining the other with me left inbetween, holding two personas.
Yet I try to feed one into another. My work that researches digital literacy follows F/LOSS ideals that want to displace value out of property or ownership and proposes that the labor of making, installing and maintaining is where finacial exchange should happen.
The life of labor I lead is full of mistakes made by a naive independant: billing expensive hours out of shame or embarassement to admit how long the work will take me (lack of skill / lack of experience?), while actually spending at least twice the amount of hours written out by the quote.
The informal etiquette of the technology workplace seems to have found it's way into the language of user interfaces with buttons such as: 'Awesome' in response to a popup, or 'Sounds Good' when being informed of a change in privacy policy. The tone of informality is a relaxed one that wants one not to 'stress out' about consequences or circumstances, but just to 'live in the now'.
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