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z-index: 7;
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/* padding: 10px; */
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<h2 class="animated_title animated_title4"></h2>
<h2 class="animated_title animated_title5">A cup of tea</h2>
<div id="reveal" class="text-body">
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<p>A cup of tea can be powerful and meaningful tool to bring people together to share not only joy and be used as a relaxing ritual but also share worries and frustrations we all experience during our life and even more when our everyday life is so busy, challenging and everything is changing fast, it can be hard to keep up and adapt.</p>
<a class="close-intro" href="">&#10060;</a>
<p><b>A CUP OF TEA</b><br>
Is a project funded by Creative Ireland bringing together women of 6 different nationalities living in Tullow to take part in a ceramic art project. The project was facilitated by two local artists Liga Valge and Clare Breen who supported the group to explore integration, social inclusion, multi-culturalism while making ceramic tea pots, and sharing conversation and many cups of tea together. The results of the project will be exhibited at the Forward Steps FRC, in a local business and at the VISUAL Center for Contemporary Arts.</p>
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<div id="reveal-body" class="text-body">
<a class="close-body" href="">x</a>
<a class="close-body" href="">&#x274c;</a>
<p>During the project participants with diverse cultural, social and mental health background will have opportunity to engage in art project and express themselves in relaxed and non judgmental environment through art and creativity. Feel the power of community learning, sense of belonging and be accepted while learning new skill and tapping into their own creativity while being a part of a unique local art project that doesn't have to stop when project is over. By bringing creativity and art into our everyday habits and environment it can help us improve and strengthen our connections with ourselves and community around us, make it brighter and happier.</p>
<p>During the project participants will create decorative polymer clay tea pots. There must be a tea drinking traditions in every country and home, and by inviting, teaching and encouraging participants to create their own tea pot design it ultimately builds connections between ones cultural background, life experience and Ireland.</p>
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