Commit f91c9bfc authored by Briar Rose Schreiber's avatar Briar Rose Schreiber

Fixed order of JS imports

JS imports were ending up in arbitrary order when rendered in the
template. Changed the names to allow for explicit ordering, and sorted
them when arranging them.
parent 8cae6d54
Pipeline #113138 passed with stage
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ class Cms(object):
# app.after_request(self._after_request)
def asset_builder(self, app):
self.js_files = [path.split('quirell/webapp')[-1] for path in glob(BASE_PATH+'/quirell/webapp/static/js/libs/*')]
self.js_files = [path.split('quirell/webapp')[-1] for path in sorted(glob(BASE_PATH+'/quirell/webapp/static/js/libs/*'))]
_js_files = [path.split('static/')[-1] for path in self.js_files]
assets = flask_assets.Environment(app)
js_bundle = flask_assets.Bundle(
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