Commit a8aa92e5 authored by Lynn Cyrin's avatar Lynn Cyrin

fix issues with fix_undeclared_properties

parent a014db42
Pipeline #55460 skipped
import json
import flask_login
from quirell.webapp.main import cms
from quirell.config import *
class Relationships(object):
......@@ -218,15 +219,17 @@ class User (object):
def fix_undeclared_properties(self):
for k, v in User.defaults.items():
getattr(self.node, k)
except AttributeError:
self.node[k] = v
except KeyError:
altering user {}'s key \"{}\" to value \"{}\"
'''.format(self['username'], k, v))
self[k] = v
def format(self, node):
self.node = node
self.relationships = Relationships(self, node['relationships'])
def get(self, username):
......@@ -263,7 +266,6 @@ class User (object):
return False, 'Account not active, go to <a href="/send_confirmation/{0}">/send_confirmation/{0}</a> to send an activation email'.format(username)
# user considered successfully logged in at this point
flask_login.login_user(self, remember=remember) # add to login manager
return True, self
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