Drupal Helpers

Scripts and other tools to make it easier to manage Drupal sites.

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Drupal Helpers

The tools in this project are primarily used for deployment and other devops tasks essential for managing Drupal sites.

For a detailed article on them, please see Drupal Helpers: Tools for devops and deployment.

Authoritative project (for creating issues, merge/pull requests and the wiki):

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Please be aware that each branch represents compatibility with a Drupal core version. So the master branch contains code for the latest stable Drupal release. For example, at the time of this writing, master works with Drupal 8.0.x while drupal-7.x works with Drupal 7.

The following items are included:

File Description
default.alias.drushrc.php A standard Drush alias configuration, used as a parent by other site aliases.
drush.ini A standard drush.ini to be used everywhere for Drush configuration.
backup-drupal-db Backs up a Drupal site's database and deletes old backups independent of Drupal, meant to be run from Cron.
deploy-drupal-code-dev Deploys the latest developer code onto the development/integration site.
deploy-drupal-code-prod Deploys a Git-tagged version of the code onto the production site.
deploy-drupal-code-qa Deploys a Git-tagged version of the code onto the staging/QA site.
deploy-solr-on-glassfish Deploys the Solr search engine onto the GlassFish application server.
drupal-remake Rebuilds a Drupal site using the site's most recent Drush makefile.
resync-drupal-db-for-dev Refreshes any development site from a staging/QA or production site, setting everything for development and disabling things not useful for development.