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    Merged PR 8: feature/Upgrade node, deps, docs & disable docker push · 936a90a8
    des authored
    # What this feature does
    1. Upgrades node, packages, & disables docker push (ACR removed to reduce cost)
    ## Steps to test the feature
    1. All `npm` commands are functional (incl. npm audit)
    2. All `make` commands are functional
    3. Pipelines are passing
    4. Tests are passing
    ## Checklist
        NB: Don't remove these checklist items from your PR. Use a ~~strike through~~ to indicate an item isn't applicable
    The PR author has:
    - [x] Reviewed the file diff in the PR before assigning a reviewer
    - [x] Checked the feature in the application locally and confirms the feature is functional and satisfies the Acceptance Criteria in the issue
    ~~[ ] Included unit tests in this PR~~
    ~~[ ] Assigned a code reviewer~~
    **Note**: When merging use `squash commit` and delete the feature branch
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