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# CSSF Applicant Tracking System
# CSSF Scholarship Tracking System
Our homemade scholarship applicant tracking system. It does what it says on the tin!
Our homemade scholarship applicant and award tracking system. It does what it says on the tin!
## Valued quality attributes
The process of applying and managing applicants must prefer:
The process of applying and managing applicants and awardees must prefer:
1. **Usability** - workflows must be executable with _minimum friction_.
2. **Accessibility** - applicants must be able to execute workflows on any typical computing device, e.g. laptop, phone, with a screen reader, etc.
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ The process of applying and managing applicants must prefer:
6. **Auditability** - the provenance of any data must be tracked and no data deleted
7. **Affordability** - the application must be affordable to operate and modify because our non-profit resources are limited!
## 2018 process
## 2018 application process
1. Applicant applies online through [the form](
2. Google Forms Notifications sends Colin Dean an email
......@@ -26,6 +26,12 @@ The process of applying and managing applicants must prefer:
8. If the selection committee disapproves, then the application is marked as rejected
9. Colin Dean communicates the final decision to the applicant
10. If the application was approved, then the applicant is asked to fill out a contract and receives the most current disbursement instructions.
11. Applicant returns signed contract
12. "Applicant" becomes "awardee"
13. Awardee attends event and incurs expenses before, during, and after
14. Awardee submits expense report to Colin Dean as instructed in disbursement instructions
15. Colin Dean verifies expenses are allowed
16. Colin Dean mails check via certified mail
### Data collected
......@@ -48,8 +54,23 @@ These are questions applicants answer:
Questions 6-8 are only necessary if the event is not in a list available for question 5.
### Application flags and metadata
* Timestamp
* Reviewed
* Contacted
* Awarded
* Notes
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* Notes
## High level concepts
* `Question` - a piece of data collected to aid `Reviewer`s in deciding the outcome of an application
* `Application Form` - a form that contains `Question`s
* `Application Submission` - a set of answers to `Question`s posed by an `Application Form`
* `Submission Comment` - a free-form remark attached to an `Application Submission` by a `Reviewer`
* `Submission Status` - a flag indicating where in an evaluation workflow an `Application Submission` is
* `Contract Templates` - a template that generates a signable contract for an `Applicant`
* `Supporting Documents` - uploadable files associated with an `Application Submission` including expense reports and signed contracts
* `User` - logged-in human
* `Reviewer` - a `User` that may _comment_ on an `Application Submission`
* `Applicant` - a `User` associated as the _submitter_ of an `Application Submission`
* `Awardee` - an `Applicant` whose `Application Submission` is in a certain set of positive outcome `Submission Status` categories
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