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Scholarship Fund awards are not just about helping someone have an experience.
That experience leads to insight, opportunity, and self-improvement that can
yield new friends, new business contacts, new jobs, and even new careers. These
**outcomes** are what drives our donors to help others.
Are you a recipient and want to share your story? See how at the bottom of the page.
Are you a recipient and want to [share your story](#recipient-testimonials)?
Are you a donor and want to [share why you donate](#donor-testimonials)?
See how at the bottom of the page.
## Kelauni Cook, 2016 recipient
## Recipient Testimonials
### Kelauni Cook, 2016 recipient
> Just 2.5 years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh to enter the tech industry as a
> former substitute teacher. Abstractions was the very first conference I'd
......@@ -22,7 +28,7 @@ Are you a recipient and want to share your story? See how at the bottom of the p
> truly changed my life. Abstractions was awesome and I'm excited to now be able
> to pay that scholarship forward to another me at Abstractions II.
## James˚, 2018 recipient
### James˚, 2018 recipient
Unemployed and discouraged after searching for a new job for several months,
James˚ attended a conference using a CSSF award, found new enlightenment and
......@@ -30,7 +36,7 @@ rediscovered a love of the community, and was able to parlay that into a job
where he was promoted within months of restarting his career at an employer that
more closely fit his culture expectations.
## Anonymous, 2019 recipient
### Anonymous, 2019 recipient
> I found out about Abstractions II a couple weeks before it happened. As a junior
> developer on a junior developer salary and student loans, I definitely didn't
......@@ -40,7 +46,7 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> was so inspired and wanted their insight on my own career questions and
> sometimes wanted more info on their experiences.
## Olivia Liddell, 2018 recipient
### Olivia Liddell, 2018 recipient
> In the Spring of 2018, I was thrilled to find out that I had been accepted to
> speak at the Heartifacts conference, and also that I had received a travel
......@@ -77,7 +83,7 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> my life for the better, and it has put me in a position where I am able to train
> and educate others, to help improve their lives, too.
## Anonymous, 2018 recipient
### Anonymous, 2018 recipient
> As a student of a remote web development bootcamp living in a small town,
> Code & Supply Scholarship Fund gave me the rare opportunity to meet and interact
......@@ -87,14 +93,14 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> the conference feeling more confident in my ability to be a successful
> professional in the web development industry.
## Shani, 2019 recipient
### Shani, 2019 recipient
> As a new dev and career changer this was my first conference. It was great to
> be able to see how many different topics were represented. I was happy to know
> so many people in the tech community; it was kind of surprising but also a
> relief.
## Ari, 2019 recipient
### Ari, 2019 recipient
> The C&S Scholarship Fund gave me the opportunity to attend the Abstractions
> II conference, an event I still talk about often and can’t recommend enough.
......@@ -135,7 +141,31 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> had this opportunity and am grateful to have learned so much and made new
> friends from having had this chance to attend Abstractions II.
## Jon Daniel, Lead Infrastructure Engineer & a recurring donor
### Craig, 2019 recipient
> Attending Abstractions II (2019) was a life-changing experience, and yeah, I
> know, that sounds real cliché. But, as a graduate student studying abroad with
> essentially no background in coding or development, I had been looking for
> opportunities to deepen my skills in UI and learn about the technical aspects
> of the UX field without having to spend an arm and BOTH legs. While the
> combined cost of going to Abstractions II wasn't so much that I couldn't afford
> it, receiving a C&S scholarship made it that much more feasible for someone
> like me. And, the conference was, oh, so much more than I had expected.
> Throughout the short span of three days, I was inundated and with conversations
> of all angles from all kinds of people. At the conclusion, I was not only
> excited to continue building on my background in human-computer interaction,
> but also imbued with a desire for creativity and greatly inspired to improve my
> own methods, perspectives, and concepts for what it means to be a coder in this
> digital 21st century.
> TL;DR | Attendees, Don't hesitate and apply for funding if it'll help you make
> the decision. In the future, you can be the one giving back.
> Supporters, THANK YOU for allowing me to participate in an unique learning
> experience that has helped shaped who I am.
## Donor Testimonials
### Jon Daniel, Lead Infrastructure Engineer & a recurring donor
> I donate to the Code & Supply scholarship fund because access to education and
> opportunity is a critical part of a fair and just society. The kinds of
......@@ -151,7 +181,7 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> I refuse to gatekeep this path to others and want to live in a society where
> everyone has the opportunity to pursue a good life and meaningful career.
## Recipients, tell us your outcomes!
## Recipients, tell us your outcomes! Donors, tell us why you support us!
Are you a recipient of a Scholarship Fund award? Share your story with us one of
of these ways:
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