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......@@ -135,6 +135,22 @@ more closely fit his culture expectations.
> had this opportunity and am grateful to have learned so much and made new
> friends from having had this chance to attend Abstractions II.
## Jon Daniel, Lead Infrastructure Engineer & a recurring donor
> I donate to the Code & Supply scholarship fund because access to education and
> opportunity is a critical part of a fair and just society. The kinds of
> opportunities tech provides cannot be reserved only for those who went to the
> right schools or grew up in the right zip codes.
> Pittsburgh’s tech community helped me financially at a time when I needed it
> by letting me attend a conference when I was between jobs and short on funds.
> This conference introduced me to a lot of amazing people and lead me down a
> path that greatly benefited my career.
> Generosity like that needs to be made available to as many people as possible.
> I refuse to gatekeep this path to others and want to live in a society where
> everyone has the opportunity to pursue a good life and meaningful career.
## Recipients, tell us your outcomes!
Are you a recipient of a Scholarship Fund award? Share your story with us one of
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