Commit 41368622 authored by Andrew Bruce's avatar Andrew Bruce

It's NYE in 404 land.

Update registered address on 404 page too. Big things.
parent 755d6a8c
......@@ -22,18 +22,24 @@
<footer class="company-info text-secondary">
&copy; Code Supply Ltd 2017
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
<dt>Company Number (England and Wales)</dt>
<dd>10995763 </dd>
<dt>VAT Registration Number</dt>
Pont yr Aled,
Llanfair TH,
LL22 8DJ
<p class="float-left">
Registered in England and Wales with number 10995763 at&nbsp;
<address class="float-left">
3 Talavera Moorings,
Govan Street,
E2 8FQ
&copy; Code Supply Ltd 2018
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