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Ordnance Field Results Console

Morrow requested to merge MorrowW/colonial-warfare:ordnance-results-console into dev


🆑 Morrow

rscadd: Adds the "Ordnance Field Results Console" to the ordnance tech workshop. The console will show results of customizable explosives for 'research' (watching things explode).



Heyo, so I spent some times thinking on the Ordnance Tech role and why it feels like something I would enjoy but have had a hard time getting into it. I realized I never really was able to appreciate the explosives I was creating and so decided to create this.


Currently it logs the name of the explosive, the area it went off in, the operation time, the reagents, as well as 3 pictures at 0 seconds (really right before the thing explodes), 0.5 seconds, and 1 second. The images are 7x7 and do not have XRay, what the explosive can see the image can see. I can change around when the images are taken, how large they are, or how many depending on feedback. All of the results can also be easily printed out into a folder to show off to others.

Special thanks to Geeves for answering byond/DM questions and Doubleumc for helping with testing and giving solid feedback on the idea.

Have a good weekend!

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