marine Colonial Marines SS13 queen

Colonial Marines SS13 is a multiplayer game built using Byond and inspired by the Aliens film.

The purpose of this Gitlab project for staff members is for development. For everyone else, it's to facilitate issues and suggestions.

How this works

Issues and suggestions can be given a thumbs up 👍 or a thumbs down 👎 :


Then, the Issues page can be organized by "Most Popular", which puts the issues/suggestions with the most thumbs at the top:


This allows us to identify the community's most-wanted features and fixes.

Other tips

Here's a few tips for newcomers while typing up stuff in Gitlab:


"@NGGJamie might want to take a look at this, it looks like a duplicate of #1331"

Continue... the next wiki section on how to post Suggestions and Bugs, or visit our Issues page to start searching, voting on, or posting issues.