Commit 415b3d03 authored by Christian Mandery's avatar Christian Mandery

Initial commit

%module pymmm
#include "MMM/Model/ModelProcessorWinter.h"
#include "MMM/Model/ModelReaderXML.h"
#include "MMMSimoxTools/MMMSimoxTools.h"
%include "std_string.i"
namespace VirtualRobot {
class Robot;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Robot> RobotPtr;
namespace MMM {
class Model;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Model> ModelPtr;
class ModelReaderXML {
ModelPtr loadModel(const std::string &xmlFile, const std::string& name = std::string());
class ModelProcessorWinter {
virtual ModelPtr convertModel(ModelPtr input);
virtual bool setup(float height, float mass, float handLength = -1., float handWidth = -1.);
namespace SimoxTools {
VirtualRobot::RobotPtr buildModel(MMM::ModelPtr model, bool loadVisualizations = true);
\ No newline at end of file
echo "Running SWIG..."
swig -python -c++ -Wall pymmm.i
echo "Compiling wrapper..."
g++ -fPIC -shared -o pymmm_wrap.cxx /home/chris/mmmtools/build/lib/ -I/usr/include/python2.7/ -I/usr/include/eigen3/ -I/home/chris/mmmcore/ -I/home/chris/mmmtools/ -I/home/chris/simox/ -Wl,-rpath,/home/chris/mmmtools/build/lib/
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