Commit 3e154fce authored by clewsy's avatar clewsy
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Removed artifact from old revision.

parent a5d72c60
......@@ -170,7 +170,6 @@ if [ "$RSYNC_INSTALLED" == "TRUE" ]; then ## Use rsync (preferred, dir structure
echo -e "${BLUE}Using rsync to copy listed files to \"${RESET}${BU_USER}@${BU_SERVER}:${BU_REMOTE_DIR}/${BLUE}\"${RESET}"
if ! rsync --recursive --relative --verbose --human-readable --progress --archive --files-from="${TEMP_BU_FILE_LIST}" / "${BU_USER}@${BU_SERVER}:${BU_REMOTE_DIR}/" > ${DEST}; then
echo -e "${RED}Failure.${RESET}" ## If rsync failed
#continue ## Proceed to the next file in the list.
echo -e "${GREEN}Success.${RESET}"
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