Remove submodules.

parent eee2c7cb
priority-sync @ 6d304bb7
Subproject commit 6d304bb71a170b347319bc6b0b8d42e885a25d8b
roguestar-engine @ 6807e687
Subproject commit 6807e68797b4893074dc48fca4f62432e0a9e959
roguestar-gl @ 624722c2
Subproject commit 624722c2a9fe513204460b58c870ee1ce0098757
roguestar-html @ a0edb1ab
Subproject commit a0edb1ab6b0042e08a00fd96c61db259175622f4
rsagl @ 11b51553
Subproject commit 11b51553703bfa91a2512069fd2e16dd6ebf630d
rsagl-demos @ 3e876880
Subproject commit 3e8768803e23e6f3312614d4e72123e6d31db5ee
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