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      Simplify tox configuration · 185f2dc9
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      Instead of having different tox environments for the different
      linting tools we're using, have only two environments: one to run
      linting + tests, which will be the default, and one to run the
      coverage-statistics gathering command (only used in CI).
      Also, stop forcing Python to be 3.7 in the tox configuration, as it's
      not necessary (and would break tests and such in any developer machine
      that doesn't have Python 3.7 installed) and we're forcing the version
      on Travis anyway.
      Another positive outcome is that the Travis configuration is much
      simplified, so it's easier to replicate in other CI systems if needed,
      or simply understand how it works and how to change it.
      While at it, clean up setup.py a bit.
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