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    Add support for guest VMs · 6781bd36
    Nikolai Kondrashov authored
    Add support for describing guest VMs within hosts, running tests.
    The guests should be added to a `guests` dictionary within host types.
    Then they could be matched by tests as `<host_type_name>/<guest_name>`.
    Guests without tests will not be added to the generated hosts.
    Each guest supports a relevant subset of optional host type attributes,
    but also requires an `args` attribute, describing the virt-install
    arguments defining the host parameters.
    The hosts exposed to Jinja2 templates have their `type_description`
    attribute (named originally incorrectly) renamed to `description`, but
    still coming from the host type's `description`. Guest objects also get
    their `description`, but coming from the guest's `description`.
    Use the newly-supported inheritance for YAML-generated classes to define
    the `` class, and derive the `HostType` from it, as
    well as the new `Guest`. Follow similar scheme in ``.