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    Split builder-internal into builder-* · ba5e8475
    Michael Hofmann authored
    RHEL6 builders fail to build because python3 and python3-pip rpm
    packages are not available there (and Python 3 is installed from
    Create builder-* includes per RHEL/CentOS Stream release and integrate
    the python3, python3-pip and python3-devel packages there.
    For RHEL <7.7, create disabled-by-default yum repos for RHEL 7.7 that
    can be used to pull in newer packages on-demand. Install python3-devel
    everywhere, because if we ever move to native tool builds for those RHEL
    versions some packages installed in the pipeline prepare job might need
    it during installation from source for non-x86 arches. Install both
    Python 2 and Python 3 from the RHEL 7.7 repos, as older python-devel
    packages conflict with python3-devel from RHEL 7.7.
    Signed-off-by: Michael Hofmann's avatarMichael Hofmann <mhofmann@redhat.com>
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