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      [SCSI] FC Pass Thru support · 9e4f5e29
      James Smart authored
      Attached is the ELS/CT pass-thru patch for the FC Transport. The patch
      creates a generic framework that lays on top of bsg and the SGIO v4 ioctl
      in order to pass transaction requests to LLDD's.
      The interface supports the following operations:
        On an fc_host basis:
          Request login to the specified N_Port_ID, creating an fc_rport.
          Request logout of the specified N_Port_ID, deleting an fc_rport
          Send ELS request to specified N_Port_ID w/o requiring a login, and
            wait for ELS response.
          Send CT request to specified N_Port_ID and wait for CT response.
            Login is required, but LLDD is allowed to manage login and decide
            whether it stays in place after the request is satisfied.
          Vendor-Unique request. Allows a LLDD-specific request to be passed
            to the LLDD, and the passing of a response back to the application.
        On an fc_rport basis:
          Send ELS request to nport and wait for ELS response.
          Send CT request to nport and wait for CT response.
      The patch also exports several headers from include/scsi such that
      they can be available to user-space applications:
      For further information, refer to the last RFC:
      Note: Documentation is still spotty and will be added later.
      [ update for new block API]
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Smart <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>