Commit f04c6ce2 authored by Eric W. Biederman's avatar Eric W. Biederman

userns: Convert devpts to use kuid/kgid where appropriate

Acked-by: default avatarSerge Hallyn <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric W. Biederman <>
parent ebc887b2
......@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ static struct vfsmount *devpts_mnt;
struct pts_mount_opts {
int setuid;
int setgid;
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
kuid_t uid;
kgid_t gid;
umode_t mode;
umode_t ptmxmode;
int newinstance;
......@@ -158,11 +158,13 @@ static inline struct super_block *pts_sb_from_inode(struct inode *inode)
static int parse_mount_options(char *data, int op, struct pts_mount_opts *opts)
char *p;
kuid_t uid;
kgid_t gid;
opts->setuid = 0;
opts->setgid = 0;
opts->uid = 0;
opts->gid = 0;
opts->uid = GLOBAL_ROOT_UID;
opts->gid = GLOBAL_ROOT_GID;
opts->ptmxmode = DEVPTS_DEFAULT_PTMX_MODE;
opts->max = NR_UNIX98_PTY_MAX;
......@@ -184,13 +186,19 @@ static int parse_mount_options(char *data, int op, struct pts_mount_opts *opts)
case Opt_uid:
if (match_int(&args[0], &option))
return -EINVAL;
opts->uid = option;
uid = make_kuid(current_user_ns(), option);
if (!uid_valid(uid))
return -EINVAL;
opts->uid = uid;
opts->setuid = 1;
case Opt_gid:
if (match_int(&args[0], &option))
return -EINVAL;
opts->gid = option;
gid = make_kgid(current_user_ns(), option);
if (!gid_valid(gid))
return -EINVAL;
opts->gid = gid;
opts->setgid = 1;
case Opt_mode:
......@@ -315,9 +323,9 @@ static int devpts_show_options(struct seq_file *seq, struct dentry *root)
struct pts_mount_opts *opts = &fsi->mount_opts;
if (opts->setuid)
seq_printf(seq, ",uid=%u", opts->uid);
seq_printf(seq, ",uid=%u", from_kuid_munged(&init_user_ns, opts->uid));
if (opts->setgid)
seq_printf(seq, ",gid=%u", opts->gid);
seq_printf(seq, ",gid=%u", from_kgid_munged(&init_user_ns, opts->gid));
seq_printf(seq, ",mode=%03o", opts->mode);
seq_printf(seq, ",ptmxmode=%03o", opts->ptmxmode);
......@@ -865,7 +865,6 @@ config UIDGID_CONVERTED
# List of kernel pieces that need user namespace work
# Features
depends on UNIX98_PTYS = n
depends on CGROUPS = n
depends on MIGRATION = n
depends on NUMA = n
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