Commit 584c650b authored by Harvey Harrison's avatar Harvey Harrison Committed by David S. Miller

isdn: remove extra byteswap in isdn_net_ciscohdlck_slarp_send_reply

commit a144ea4b [IPV4]: annotate struct in_ifaddr

Missed this extra byteswap as the isdn inlines hide the htonl inside
put_u32 which causes an extra byteswap on little-endian arches.
Signed-off-by: Harvey Harrison's avatarHarvey Harrison <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent ebfe92ca
......@@ -1641,8 +1641,10 @@ isdn_net_ciscohdlck_slarp_send_reply(isdn_net_local *lp)
/* slarp reply, send own ip/netmask; if values are nonsense remote
* should think we are unable to provide it with an address via SLARP */
p += put_u32(p, CISCO_SLARP_REPLY);
p += put_u32(p, addr); // address
p += put_u32(p, mask); // netmask
*(__be32 *)p = addr; // address
p += 4;
*(__be32 *)p = mask; // netmask
p += 4;
p += put_u16(p, 0); // unused
isdn_net_write_super(lp, skb);
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