Fedora and openSUSE fork of Cinepaint. Releases are downloadable from http://sourceforge.net/projects/cinepaint-ng/ . For more information about the former upstream see http://www.cinepaint.org/ or https://sourceforge.net/projects/cinepaint/ .

CinePaint README
2011/11/28 Robin.Rowe@MovieEditor.com

CinePaint is a painting and retouching tool primarily used for motion 
picture frame-by-frame retouching and dust-busting. It was used on the
HARRY POTTER and LORD OF THE RINGS films and many others. 

CinePaint runs on Linux and other UNIX-compatible operating systems. The
versions for Mac OS X and Windows are currently broken. 

CinePaint is different from most other painting tools because it supports 
deep color depth image formats up to 32 bits per channel deep. 

CinePaint was originally based on GIMP and consequently is a GTK-based 
application. A new FLTK-based version of CinePaint, called Glasgow,
is nearing alpha. There's also a new image core in development, called 
img_img, That will enable CinePaint to operate on images from the 
command-line and to integrate with other projects such as Blender.

Support from the film industry launched development in 1998. Motion 
picture technology company Silicon Grail (later acquired by Apple) and 
motion picture studio Rhythm & Hues led the development, with a goal 
of creating a deep paint alternative to the recently discontined SGI 
IRIX version of Adobe Photoshop and to support the emerging Linux 
platform. Although continuously in use in the film industry, it 
never had much awareness in the open source community. On July 4, 
2002, Robin Rowe released CinePaint as a SourceForge project.

For documentation see: