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      Fix testing path for cinc-zero · 6667e1d5
      Lance Albertson authored
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      Refactor Cinc branding for Client · 7af13585
      Lance Albertson authored
      This provides a major refactor of how we patch Chef Infra Client into Cinc
      Client. Before this, we had various patches split between a chef repo fork and
      some changes in this repository. Now everything will be unified in forked
      repositories that will be continually rebased as conflicts arise.
      This refactor consists of the following:
      - All changes needed for Cinc will be made in our chef fork hosted on gitlab
        using the stable/cinc branch. The exception will be for anything under
        ``omnibus/resources/`` since those are primarily image files and also rarely
      - Any changes needed in omnibus-software will be done via our fork hosted on
        gitlab using the stable/cinc branch.
      - All changes will be done via the ``patch`` binary which will merge patches
        from each repository generated using the ``git format-patch`` command pointing
        to the last upstream ref.
      The great benefit with using patch is that it will catch any potential conflicts
      with upstream during a build. If we do encounter one, we can simply rebase our
      chef fork and regenerate the patches. Using patch will also follow any file
      renames which is common in Cinc.
      Here's what I specifically did for this change:
      - Moved all chef-bin changes as a patch on our chef fork
      - Moved all omnibus projects & software as a patch to our omnibus-software fork
      - Moved all package-scripts as a patch to our chef fork
      - Added a handy script called ``checkout-omnibus-software.rb`` for assisting in
        patching omnibus-software (see comments in script for more information)
      - Create a ``patch.sh`` to simplify building and testing
      - Included patches from chef and omnibus-software
      - Added .gitignore for common paths
      Referenced merge requests:
      - https://gitlab.com/cinc-project/chef-zero/merge_requests/1
      - https://gitlab.com/cinc-project/omnibus-software/merge_requests/1
      - https://gitlab.com/cinc-project/chef/merge_requests/1
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