Commit 05ecf43e authored by Lance Albertson's avatar Lance Albertson

Remove testing branches

parent dc4d8e33
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......@@ -39,11 +39,11 @@ git config --global || git config --global "maintainers@ci
echo "Cloning ${REF:-chef-15} branch from ${ORIGIN:-}"
git clone -q -b ${REF:-chef-15} ${ORIGIN:-}
cd chef
git_patch chef ramereth/gemfile-patches
git_patch chef
cd omnibus
ruby ${TOP_DIR}/scripts/checkout.rb -n omnibus-software -p $TOP_DIR
cd $TOP_DIR/omnibus-software
git_patch omnibus-software no-chef-zero
git_patch omnibus-software
echo "Copying Cinc resources..."
cp -rp cinc/* chef/
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