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Add a warning about Jack in the README.

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......@@ -35,15 +35,17 @@ Running the arpeggigon is then possible with:
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal run arpeggigon
To install the arpeggigon globally, one can call:
cabal install
This will create an executable located in
`<path_to_repo>/.cabal-sandbox/bin/` from where it is possible to create a
symbolic link to an object in the `PATH`.
ln -s <path_to_repo>/.cabal-sandbox/bin/arpeggigon <somewhere_in_PATH>/arpeggigon
**WARNING:** to run, the Arpeggigon needs a running Jack server. If it cannot
find one on startup it will crash. Experience has shown that it can be quite
difficult to set up such a server, however there are good tools and tutorials
online to help you with that task, in particular
[qjackctl]( often does a good job at easing
**WARNING (bis):** as will be stated after, the Arpeggigon is a MIDI event
producer, therefore it needs to be connected to a synthetizer to produce music.
Again, [qjackctl]( makes this task quite easy,
but it is also possible to do it via the command line.
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