Commit 9ce6e916 authored by Guerric Chupin's avatar Guerric Chupin

Add atomically updatable RVs.

parent ff6854d0
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances, MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
module RMCA.ReactiveValueAtomicUpdate where
import Control.Monad
import Data.CBRef
import Data.ReactiveValue
class (ReactiveValueReadWrite a b m) => ReactiveValueAtomicUpdate a b m where
reactiveValueUpdate :: a -> (b -> b) -> m b
reactiveValueAppend :: (Monoid b, ReactiveValueAtomicUpdate a b m) =>
a -> b -> m ()
reactiveValueAppend rv val = void $ reactiveValueUpdate rv (`mappend` val)
reactiveValueEmpty :: (Monoid b, ReactiveValueAtomicUpdate a b m) =>
a -> m b
reactiveValueEmpty rv = reactiveValueUpdate rv (\_ -> mempty)
instance ReactiveValueRead (CBRef a) a IO where
reactiveValueRead = readCBRef
reactiveValueOnCanRead = installCallbackCBRef
instance ReactiveValueWrite (CBRef a) a IO where
reactiveValueWrite = writeCBRef
instance ReactiveValueReadWrite (CBRef a) a IO where
instance ReactiveValueAtomicUpdate (CBRef a) a IO where
reactiveValueUpdate rv f = atomicModifyCBRef rv (\x -> (f x, x))
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