Commit 324fb5ae authored by Christoph Conrads's avatar Christoph Conrads

Src: fix RANLUX16 block size

parent e4443599
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......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ using ranlux64_base =
using ranlux32awc_base = add_with_carry_engine<std::uint32_t, 32u, 3u, 16u>;
using fast_ranlux16 = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux16_base, 47u, 11u>;
using ranlux16 = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux16_base, 113u, 11u>;
using ranlux16 = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux16_base, 127u, 11u>;
using fast_ranlux32 = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux32_base, 73u, 17u>;
using ranlux32 = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux32_base, 293u, 17u>;
using fast_ranlux32awc = std::discard_block_engine<ranlux32awc_base, 71u, 16u>;
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