Fixes the DHT4 virtual surround mode for headphones with UNI Xonar drivers.

Installation and Usage

  • Install Uni-Xonar drivers with DHT4 enabled.
  • Use the analog "speaker" output
  • Enable Headphone Analog Output and 8 Channel System Input in
  • Enable Headphone Surround virtualization.
  • Run the exe (a binary is included: https://gitlab.com/cholz/dht-headphone-fixer/tags/Alpha-1)
  • Use the System tray icon to enable DHT mode (you have to listen, if its working. Currently no icon will show you which setting is active)
  • !!! Do not change the Speaker name in the windows audio settings


On Shutdown the normal configuration will be loaded, so that the sound settings will work after reboot.


The app must run with elevated rights, which prevents it to run on startup.


Well... lots and lots and lots of things