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<p>The most important to know is the API number and its corresponding name ;
because in configuration file the API number is used to indicate the minimum
targeted version, the current targeted version and the compile used version.</p>
<p>Generally an <b>Android</b> version is propagated on more than 70% of <b>Android</b>
devices in two years.</p>
<h4>Next part</h4>
<a href="file:///android_asset/1B-developmentenvironment.html">Development environnement</a>
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<h2>Development environment</h2>
<h3>Java, Kotlin or C/C++ language</h3>
It is possible to <i>TRY</i> <i>Kotlin</i> on
<a href="https://try.kotlinlang.org">official site</a> (Kotlin Koans part).
<h3>Android Studio</h3>
It is possible to download <i>Android Studio</i> on
<a href="https://developer.android.com/studio/">developper.android.com</a>
<p><i>Android Studio</i> main functionalities:
<li>Start a new Android Studio project</li>
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<li><i>Android SDK Platforms-Tools</i></li>
<li><i>Android SDK Tools</i></li>
<li><i>Android SDK Emulator</i></li>
<li><i>Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)</i>, outils pour rendre l'émulateur plus rapide</li>
<li><i>Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)</i>, tools to have fast emulator</li>
<p>The field <i>Android SDK Location</i> inform of the <i>SDK
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<li><i>tools</i>, tools to use <i>Android SDK</i></li>
<p>The most important repository is <i>platforms-tools</i> because it contains
the <code>adb</code> command line tool.</p>
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<a href="file:///android_asset/1C-programmingconcepts.html">Programming concepts</a>
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Gradle Scripts<br>
<h3>Key files</h3>
<p>Main files in <i>Android</i> project:
<p>Main files and repertories in <i>Android</i> project:
<li>Manifeste: Declares <i>Activity</i> and their behaviour</li>
<li><code>java/</code>: the directory with source files, the <i>Kotlin</i> code
(or <i>Java</i> code) organised in <code>package</code></li>
<li><code>res/</code>: the directory of ressources</li>
<li><code>drawable/</code>: the directory of images</li>
<li><code>mipmap/</code>: the directory of icônes</li>
<li><code>layout/</code>: the directory of graphic interfaces</li>
<li><code>mipmap/</code>: the directory of icons</li>
<li><code>layout/</code>: the directory for graphic interfaces</li>
<li><code>values/</code>: the directory of color variables, string,
dimension, style, ...</li>
<li><code>gen/R</code>: generated files</li>
<li><code>Gradle Scripts</code> : contains two files of configuration
<li><code>Gradle Scripts</code> : contains two main files of configuration
one for the project, the other for the <code>app/</code> module</li>
<p>Finaly, in this theme «101 Android» we reach the Android platform,
<p>Finaly, in this theme « 101 Android » we reach the Android platform,
the development environment, the programming concepts and a first project.</p>
<cite>« Alone we go faster,
together we go further.»</cite>