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Mobile Education Application: Kotlin For Android

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Title (up to 30 characters): Kotlin for Android: Quizzes

Short description (80 characters): Build a complete Mobile App by learning Android programming with Kotlin language

Long description (4000 characters): The Android Mobile Development fundamentals are taught through up-to-date code and last libraries: 5. Have fun in learning 4. Follow the good practices 3. Challenge yourself with concrete coding 2. Build a complete mobile application

  1. Master the Android essentials with quiz
  2. Ready to take external exams and job interviews?

Exclusively available on Google Play and entirely coded with Kotlin language, « Kotlin For Android » is more than a show case of the most popular Android development.

Web Site: Kotlin for Android

Preview Video:

8 Screenshots:

Good practices

  • Maintain consistency in naming convention
  • Put in place the MVVM Model View ViewModel architecture and the component architecture
  • Respect and improve a release flow

See Documentation of Kotlin for Android project for more information.


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