Commit 34a19ca0 authored by John Croisant's avatar John Croisant

Updated demos/opengl.scm to handle exceptions.

parent eddea52b
......@@ -71,6 +71,17 @@
;;; For some reason, getting certain attributes causes an OpenGL
;;; error, at least on Mac OS X. This procedure attempts to get the
;;; value of the given attribute, but handles exceptions so that the
;;; program can continue.
(define (gl-attribute-safe attr)
(sdl2:gl-attribute attr)
(e (exn sdl2)
((condition-property-accessor 'sdl2 'sdl-error) e))))
;;; The actual OpenGL settings may differ from the requested settings.
"Actual OpenGL settings:
......@@ -81,13 +92,14 @@
doublebuffer ~A
multisamplebuffers ~A
multisamplesamples ~A~%"
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'red-size) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'green-size) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'blue-size) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'depth-size) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'doublebuffer) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'multisamplebuffers) (sdl2:get-error))
(or (sdl2:gl-attribute 'multisamplesamples) (sdl2:get-error)))
(gl-attribute-safe 'red-size)
(gl-attribute-safe 'green-size)
(gl-attribute-safe 'blue-size)
(gl-attribute-safe 'depth-size)
(gl-attribute-safe 'doublebuffer)
(gl-attribute-safe 'multisamplebuffers)
(gl-attribute-safe 'multisamplesamples))
(printf "Drawable size: ~A~%"
(receive (sdl2:gl-get-drawable-size window)))
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