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This document describes the changes in each version of chicken-sdl2.

This library follows "semantic versioning". Until version 1.0.0 is released, the API is not guaranteed to be "stable". That means the maintainer reserves the right to change the API if needed, possibly in ways that break backward compatibility with previous versions. Large backward-incompatible changes are unlikely, but there may be small tweaks and fixes to the API if problems are discovered.

After version 1.0.0 is released, the API is guaranteed to remain stable (no backward-incompatible changes) until the next new major version (e.g. going from version 1.x to 2.0.0, or 2.x to 3.0.0).

0.2.1 (in progress)

  • Fixed an issue where managed instances of sdl2:color, sdl2:keysym, sdl2:point, and sdl2:rect would change hash values when the garbage collector runs. This caused issues when using any of those objects as keys in a hash table. This is caused by a quirk in CHICKEN related to locatives. The quirk has been worked around by no longer storing locatives.

  • Fixed a potential security issue with set-error!. Before, the string was passed directly to SDL_SetError, which treated the string as a format string (for vnsprintf). That caused some compilers to emit a security warning: "format string is not a string literal". Now, up to 1024 chars of the string are used as verbatim content.

  • Fixed incorrect argument type declaration for render-scale-set!. It accepts floating point numbers, but it was incorrectly declared to accept integers.

  • Improved the way the egg setup script handles compiler and linker flags [!1]. If you need to specify custom compiler or linker flags, you should now set the SDL2_CFLAGS and SDL2_LIBS environment variables (instead of SDL2_FLAGS, which is now ignored). The setup script will prefix these flags with "-C" or "-L" before passing them to csc, so that they are correctly passed through to the C compiler or linker. Thanks to Christian Kellermann for reporting this issue and submitting the initial patch.

  • Added support for compiling the egg with frameworks on Mac systems [#42]. Pass the -D sdl2-use-mac-framework flag to chicken-install. Thanks to "Laughing Man" for suggesting this.

0.2.0 (2016-02-13)

Backward Incompatible Changes

There have been several backward incompatible changes to improve type checks for integer arguments. These changes affect all function bindings and struct field setters that accept integer arguments. [#32]

  • All procedures that accept integer arguments now accept inexact integers (e.g. 1.0) as well as exact integers (e.g. 1). Before, some procedures would signal an exception when given an inexact integer.

  • Integer arguments are now checked to make sure they are integers. Before, some procedures would accept non-integer numbers (e.g. 1.99) and truncate them to integers (e.g. 1), which could cause unexpected results. Now, an exception will be signalled if the argument is not an integer.

  • Integers arguments are now checked to make sure they are in the proper range for their data representation. E.g. 8-bit unsigned integers must be in the range [0, 255]. Before, integer arguments would sometimes overflow, which could cause unexpected results. Now, an exception will be signalled if the integer is too low or too high.

Other backward incompatible changes in this version:

  • get-window-from-id now signals an exception of kind (exn sdl2) if there is no window with the given ID. Before, it returned a null sdl2:window, which was inconsistent with this egg's conventions.


The following procedures have new names, for consistency with Scheme naming conventions. The old names still exist for backward compatibility, but will be removed in a future version. You should migrate to the new names as soon as possible.

  • Deprecated: copy-color. Renamed to color-copy.
  • Deprecated: copy-colour. Renamed to colour-copy.
  • Deprecated: copy-point. Renamed to point-copy.
  • Deprecated: copy-rect. Renamed to rect-copy.

The following procedures are deprecated because they are not very useful and they are easy to define using other procedures if needed. They will be removed in a future version.

  • Deprecated: copy-color*. Use (color-copy! c (make-color*)) instead.
  • Deprecated: copy-colour*. Use (colour-copy! c (make-colour*)) instead.
  • Deprecated: copy-point*. Use (point-copy! p (make-point*)) instead.
  • Deprecated: copy-rect*. Use (rect-copy! r (make-rect*)) instead.

Renderer (2D Accelerated Rendering)

Added the sdl2:renderer struct record type and many function bindings related to 2D accelerated rendering [#1, #2, #3, #5]:

create-renderer!              create-software-renderer!     destroy-renderer!
create-window-and-renderer!   get-renderer
get-renderer-info             get-renderer-info*
num-render-drivers            render-driver-info

render-clip-rect              render-clip-rect-set!         render-clip-enabled?
render-logical-size           render-logical-size-set!
render-scale                  render-scale-set!
render-viewport               render-viewport-set!

render-copy!                  render-copy-ex!
render-target-supported?      render-target                 render-target-set!

render-draw-blend-mode        render-draw-blend-mode-set!   render-draw-blend-mode-raw
render-draw-color             render-draw-color-set!
render-draw-colour            render-draw-colour-set!
render-draw-line!             render-draw-lines!
render-draw-point!            render-draw-points!
render-draw-rect!             render-draw-rects!
render-fill-rect!             render-fill-rects!

Renderer Info

Added the sdl2:renderer-info struct record type [#1]:

renderer-info?                     free-renderer-info!
renderer-info-flags                renderer-info-flags-raw
renderer-info-texture-formats      renderer-info-texture-formats-raw
renderer-info-max-texture-width    renderer-info-max-texture-height


Added the sdl2:texture struct record type and many related function bindings [#4]:

create-texture                     create-texture*
create-texture-from-surface        create-texture-from-surface*
query-texture                      query-texture-raw
texture-format                     texture-access
texture-w                          texture-h
lock-texture-raw!                  unlock-texture!
update-texture-raw!                update-yuv-texture-raw!
texture-alpha-mod                  texture-alpha-mod-set!
texture-blend-mode                 texture-blend-mode-set!
texture-color-mod                  texture-color-mod-set!
texture-colour-mod                 texture-colour-mod-set!
gl-bind-texture!                   gl-unbind-texture!


Added function bindings related to hints. [#7]


SDL 2.0.4 Support

Added support for various feature that were added in SDL 2.0.4. These are only available if the egg is compiled with SDL 2.0.4 or higher. [#37]

  • Added grabbed-window procedure.
  • Added point-in-rect? procedure.
  • Added render-clip-enabled? procedure.
  • Added support for the mouse-capture window flag symbol.
  • Added mouse-wheel-event-direction and mouse-wheel-event-direction-set! struct field accessors.
  • Added support for the context-release-behavior OpenGL attribute. It can be set to the symbols none or flush.
  • Added joystick-from-instance-id.
  • Added joystick-current-power-level.

Color, Point, and Rect Operations

  • Added color->values, point->values, and rect->values. These return the components of those types as multiple values, so that you can easily destructure these types with receive or let-values.

  • Renamed several procedures for consistency with Scheme conventions. The old names still exist for backward compatibility, but will be removed in a future version:

    • copy-color renamed to color-copy
    • copy-colour renamed to colour-copy
    • copy-point renamed to point-copy
    • copy-rect renamed to rect-copy
  • Added color-copy! (aka colour-copy!), point-copy!, and rect-copy!. They efficiently copy the values from the source struct into the destination struct, and return the modified destination struct.

  • Added various color mathematical operations:

    color-scale     color-mult     color-add      color-sub
    color-scale!    color-mult!    color-add!     color-sub!
    ("colour" aliases)
    colour-scale    colour-mult    colour-add     colour-sub
    colour-scale!   colour-mult!   colour-add!    colour-sub!
  • Added various point mathematical operations:

    point-scale     point-unscale       point-move
    point-scale!    point-unscale!      point-move!
    point-add       point-sub           point-lerp
    point-add!      point-sub!          point-lerp!
  • Added various rect mathematical operations:

    rect-scale      rect-unscale
    rect-scale!     rect-unscale!
    rect-move       rect-add-point      rect-sub-point
    rect-move!      rect-add-point!     rect-sub-point!
    rect-grow       rect-grow/center
    rect-grow!      rect-grow/center!
    rect-lerp       rect-lerp-xy
    rect-lerp!      rect-lerp-xy!

Performance Improvements

  • Managed instances of sdl2:color, sdl2:event, sdl2:keysym, sdl2:point, and sdl2:rect are now allocated in CHICKEN-managed memory. This improves performance of garbage collecting managed instances of those types. Unmanaged instances are not affected. Thanks to Kooda Loutre for suggesting this improvement. [#30]

  • Significantly improved the performance of initializing managed and unmanaged instances of sdl2:color, sdl2:point, and sdl2:rect.

  • Significantly improved performance of color-set!, point-set!, and rect-set! when all arguments are specified. This performance improvement does not apply if any argument is omitted or #f.

  • Fixed a performance bug in all struct field setters. Field guards were being created every time a field setter was called. Each guard is now created only once, at startup, as was originally intended. This improves the performance of all struct field setters.

Feature Identifiers

Added feature identifiers which can be used to detect the versions of the sdl2 egg and SDL at compile time or run time, for example using the cond-expand macro, #+foo syntax, or the feature? procedure.

Some or all of the following feature identifiers will be registered depending on the circumstances:

sdl2                Using any version of the sdl2 egg
sdl2-0.2.0+         Using sdl2 egg 0.2.0 or higher

libSDL-2.0.0+       sdl2 egg was compiled with SDL 2.0.0 or higher
libSDL-2.0.1+       ... SDL 2.0.1 or higher
libSDL-2.0.2+       ... SDL 2.0.2 or higher
libSDL-2.0.3+       ... SDL 2.0.3 or higher
libSDL-2.0.4+       ... SDL 2.0.4 or higher

These are cumulative, so if you are using sdl2 egg version 0.2.0 with SDL version 2.0.4, all of the above identifiers will be defined.

Other changes

  • Added the struct-eq? procedure. You should use this procedure to compare the identities of struct instances. Other procedures, such as eq? or equal?, may not work correctly in the future due to changes in the implementation of struct records.

  • Added the egg-version procedure, which returns a list of three integers indicating the version of the sdl2 egg itself. This is independent of the version of SDL.

  • fill-rects! and update-window-surface-rects! can now accept a vector of sdl2:rects as well as a list of sdl2:rects. Before, they only accepted a list of sdl2:rects.

  • enclose-points now can now accept a vector of sdl2:points as well as a list of sdl2:points. Before, it only accepted a list of sdl2:points.

  • Added support for the allow-high-dpi window flag symbol. It requires SDL version 2.0.1 or higher.

  • Added an install flag to enable profiling in the sdl2 egg. If you run chicken-install with the -D sdl2-profile flag, the sdl2 egg will be compiled with the -profile flag, which enables performance profiling of sdl2 procedures when any program uses the sdl2 egg. This can help you diagnose performance issues in the sdl2 egg and/or in your program. See the CHICKEN manual section "Using the compiler" for more information about profiling. Profiling greatly reduces performance, and creates a new "PROFILE.###" file each time the program is run, so you should only enable profiling when you are diagnosing performance issues.

0.1.1 (2015-12-22)

  • Fixed a compile error when compiling with GCC 4: "‘for’ loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 mode". Thanks to Evan Hanson for reporting this issue. [#29]

0.1.0 (2015-12-19)

Initial release. The following procedures were included:


Initialization and cleanup:

init!                              init-subsystem!
quit!                              quit-subsystem!


get-error                          set-error!                         clear-error!
screen-saver-enabled?              screen-saver-enabled-set!
has-clipboard-text?                get-clipboard-text                 set-clipboard-text!

Struct memory management:



Related to the sdl2:color struct record type (each procedure has an alias spelled as "colour"):

color?                   colour?
make-color               make-color*              free-color!
make-colour              make-colour*             free-colour!
color-r                  color-r-set!             colour-r                 colour-r-set!
color-g                  color-g-set!             colour-g                 colour-g-set!
color-b                  color-b-set!             colour-b                 colour-b-set!
color-a                  color-a-set!             colour-a                 colour-a-set!
color-set!                                        colour-set!
color->list                                       colour->list
color=?                                           colour=?
copy-color                                        copy-colour
copy-color*                                       copy-colour*


event-state                        event-state-set!
flush-event!                       flush-events!
has-event?                         has-events?                        quit-requested?
get-events!                        peek-events                        poll-event!
pump-events!                       push-event!
wait-event!                        wait-event-timeout!

Related to the sdl2:event struct record type:

make-event                         make-event*                        free-event!
event-type                         event-type-set!                    event-type-raw
event-timestamp                    event-timestamp-set!

Related to the sdl2:controller-axis-event variant:

controller-axis-event-which        controller-axis-event-which-set!
controller-axis-event-axis         controller-axis-event-axis-set!
controller-axis-event-value        controller-axis-event-value-set!

Related to the sdl2:controller-button-event variant:

controller-button-event-which      controller-button-event-which-set!
controller-button-event-button     controller-button-event-button-set!
controller-button-event-state      controller-button-event-state-set!

Related to the sdl2:controller-device-event variant:

controller-device-event-which      controller-device-event-which-set!

Related to the sdl2:dollar-gesture-event variant:

dollar-gesture-event-touch-id      dollar-gesture-event-touch-id-set!
dollar-gesture-event-gesture-id    dollar-gesture-event-gesture-id-set!
dollar-gesture-event-num-fingers   dollar-gesture-event-num-fingers-set!
dollar-gesture-event-error         dollar-gesture-event-error-set!
dollar-gesture-event-x             dollar-gesture-event-x-set!
dollar-gesture-event-y             dollar-gesture-event-y-set!

Related to the sdl2:drop-event variant:

drop-event-file                    drop-event-file-set!

Related to the sdl2:joy-axis-event variant:

joy-axis-event-which               joy-axis-event-which-set!
joy-axis-event-axis                joy-axis-event-axis-set!
joy-axis-event-value               joy-axis-event-value-set!

Related to the sdl2:joy-ball-event variant:

joy-ball-event-which               joy-ball-event-which-set!
joy-ball-event-ball                joy-ball-event-ball-set!
joy-ball-event-xrel                joy-ball-event-xrel-set!
joy-ball-event-yrel                joy-ball-event-yrel-set!

Related to the sdl2:joy-button-event variant:

joy-button-event-which             joy-button-event-which-set!
joy-button-event-button            joy-button-event-button-set!
joy-button-event-state             joy-button-event-state-set!

Related to the sdl2:joy-device-event variant:

joy-device-event-which             joy-device-event-which-set!

Related to the sdl2:joy-hat-event variant:

joy-hat-event-which                joy-hat-event-which-set!
joy-hat-event-hat                  joy-hat-event-hat-set!
joy-hat-event-value                joy-hat-event-value-set!           joy-hat-event-value-raw

Related to the sdl2:keyboard-event variant:

keyboard-event-window-id           keyboard-event-window-id-set!
keyboard-event-state               keyboard-event-state-set!
keyboard-event-repeat              keyboard-event-repeat-set!
keyboard-event-keysym              keyboard-event-keysym-set!
keyboard-event-scancode            keyboard-event-scancode-set!       keyboard-event-scancode-raw
keyboard-event-sym                 keyboard-event-sym-set!            keyboard-event-sym-raw
keyboard-event-mod                 keyboard-event-mod-set!            keyboard-event-mod-raw

Related to the sdl2:mouse-button-event variant:

mouse-button-event-window-id       mouse-button-event-window-id-set!
mouse-button-event-which           mouse-button-event-which-set!
mouse-button-event-button          mouse-button-event-button-set!     mouse-button-event-button-raw
mouse-button-event-state           mouse-button-event-state-set!
mouse-button-event-x               mouse-button-event-x-set!
mouse-button-event-y               mouse-button-event-y-set!

Related to the sdl2:mouse-motion-event variant:

mouse-motion-event-window-id       mouse-motion-event-window-id-set!
mouse-motion-event-which           mouse-motion-event-which-set!
mouse-motion-event-state           mouse-motion-event-state-set!      mouse-motion-event-state-raw
mouse-motion-event-x               mouse-motion-event-x-set!
mouse-motion-event-y               mouse-motion-event-y-set!
mouse-motion-event-xrel            mouse-motion-event-xrel-set!
mouse-motion-event-yrel            mouse-motion-event-yrel-set!

Related to the sdl2:mouse-wheel-event variant:

mouse-wheel-event-window-id        mouse-wheel-event-window-id-set!
mouse-wheel-event-which            mouse-wheel-event-which-set!
mouse-wheel-event-x                mouse-wheel-event-x-set!
mouse-wheel-event-y                mouse-wheel-event-y-set!

Related to the sdl2:multi-gesture-event variant:

multi-gesture-event-touch-id       multi-gesture-event-touch-id-set!
multi-gesture-event-dtheta         multi-gesture-event-dtheta-set!
multi-gesture-event-ddist          multi-gesture-event-ddist-set!
multi-gesture-event-x              multi-gesture-event-x-set!
multi-gesture-event-y              multi-gesture-event-y-set!
multi-gesture-event-num-fingers    multi-gesture-event-num-fingers-set!

Related to the sdl2:quit-event variant:


Related to the sdl2:sys-wm-event variant:

sys-wm-event-msg-raw               sys-wm-event-msg-raw-set!

Related to the sdl2:text-editing-event variant:

text-editing-event-window-id       text-editing-event-window-id-set!
text-editing-event-text            text-editing-event-text-set!
text-editing-event-start           text-editing-event-start-set!
text-editing-event-length          text-editing-event-length-set!

Related to the sdl2:text-input-event variant:

text-input-event-window-id         text-input-event-window-id-set!
text-input-event-text              text-input-event-text-set!

Related to the sdl2:touch-finger-event variant:

touch-finger-event-touch-id        touch-finger-event-touch-id-set!
touch-finger-event-finger-id       touch-finger-event-finger-id-set!
touch-finger-event-x               touch-finger-event-x-set!
touch-finger-event-y               touch-finger-event-y-set!
touch-finger-event-dx              touch-finger-event-dx-set!
touch-finger-event-dy              touch-finger-event-dy-set!
touch-finger-event-pressure        touch-finger-event-pressure-set!

Related to the sdl2:user-event variant:

user-event-window-id               user-event-window-id-set!
user-event-code                    user-event-code-set!
user-event-data1-raw               user-event-data1-raw-set!
user-event-data2-raw               user-event-data2-raw-set!

Related to the sdl2:window-event variant:

window-event-window-id             window-event-window-id-set!
window-event-event                 window-event-event-set!            window-event-event-raw
window-event-data1                 window-event-data1-set!
window-event-data2                 window-event-data2-set!


num-joysticks                      joystick-open!                     joystick-close!
joystick-update!                   joystick-event-state               joystick-event-state-set!
joystick-get-device-guid           joystick-get-guid-from-string

Related to the sdl2:joystick struct record type:

joystick-num-axes                  joystick-get-axis
joystick-num-balls                 joystick-get-ball
joystick-num-buttons               joystick-get-button
joystick-num-hats                  joystick-get-hat                   joystick-get-hat-raw
joystick-instance-id               joystick-get-guid

Related to the sdl2:joystick-guid struct record type:

joystick-guid?                     free-joystick-guid!


get-key-from-name                  get-key-from-name-raw
get-key-from-scancode              get-key-from-scancode-raw
get-scancode-from-name             get-scancode-from-name-raw
get-scancode-from-key              get-scancode-from-key-raw
mod-state                          mod-state-set!                     mod-state-raw
start-text-input!                  stop-text-input!                   text-input-active?
screen-keyboard-support?           screen-keyboard-shown?

Related to the sdl2:keysym struct record type:

make-keysym                        make-keysym*                       free-keysym!
keysym-scancode                    keysym-scancode-set!               keysym-scancode-raw
keysym-sym                         keysym-sym-set!                    keysym-sym-raw
keysym-mod                         keysym-mod-set!                    keysym-mod-raw

OpenGL integration

gl-create-context!                 gl-delete-context!                 gl-make-current!
gl-get-current-window              gl-get-current-context
gl-attribute                       gl-attribute-set!                  gl-reset-attributes!
gl-swap-window!                    gl-swap-interval                   gl-set-swap-interval!

Related to the sdl2:gl-context struct record type:



Related to the sdl2:palette struct record type:

make-palette                       make-palette*                      free-palette!
palette-ncolors                    palette-ncolours
palette-ref                        palette-set!
palette-colors                     palette-colours
palette-colors-set!                palette-colours-set!

Pixel Format

map-rgb                            map-rgba
get-rgb                            get-rgba

Related to the sdl2:pixel-format struct record type:

make-pixel-format                  make-pixel-format*                 free-pixel-format!
pixel-format-format                pixel-format-format-raw
pixel-format-palette               pixel-format-palette-set!

Rect / Point

rect-empty?                        enclose-points                     has-intersection?
intersect-rect                     intersect-rect-and-line            union-rect

Related to the sdl2:rect struct record type:

make-rect                          make-rect*                         free-rect!
rect-x                             rect-x-set!
rect-y                             rect-y-set!
rect-w                             rect-w-set!
rect-h                             rect-h-set!
rect-set!                          rect->list                         rect=?
copy-rect                          copy-rect*

Related to the sdl2:point struct record type:

make-point                         make-point*                        free-point!
point-x                            point-x-set!
point-y                            point-y-set!
point-set!                         point->list                        point=?
copy-point                         copy-point*


rw-from-file                       rw-from-const-mem                  rw-from-mem
rw-from-blob                       rw-from-string

Related to the sdl2:rwops struct record type:

rwops-type                         rwops-type-raw


create-rgb-surface*                create-rgb-surface-from*           convert-surface
load-bmp                           load-bmp*
load-bmp-rw                        load-bmp-rw*
save-bmp!                          save-bmp-rw!
lock-surface!                      unlock-surface!                    must-lock?
blit-surface!                      blit-scaled!
fill-rect!                         fill-rects!
rotate-surface-90                  rotate-surface-90*
flip-surface                       flip-surface*

Related to the sdl2:surface struct record type:

make-surface                       make-surface*                      free-surface!
surface-userdata-raw               surface-userdata-raw-set!
surface-refcount                   surface-refcount-set!
surface-ref                        surface-set!                       surface-ref-raw
surface-clip-rect                  surface-clip-rect-set!
surface-color-key                  surface-color-key-set!             surface-color-key-raw
surface-colour-key                 surface-colour-key-set!            surface-colour-key-raw
surface-alpha-mod                  surface-alpha-mod-set!
surface-blend-mode                 surface-blend-mode-set!            surface-blend-mode-raw
surface-color-mod                  surface-colour-mod
surface-color-mod-set!             surface-colour-mod-set!
surface-palette                    surface-palette-set!


delay!                             get-ticks
get-performance-counter            get-performance-frequency

Touch / Gesture

get-num-touch-devices              get-touch-device
get-num-touch-fingers              get-touch-finger

Related to the sdl2:finger struct record type:

finger-x                           finger-y


version-at-least?                  compiled-version                   current-version

Window / Display Mode

create-window!                     destroy-window!                    get-window-from-id
update-window-surface!             update-window-surface-rects!
show-window!                       hide-window!                       raise-window!
maximize-window!                   minimize-window!                   restore-window!

Related to the sdl2:window struct record type:

window-bordered?                   window-bordered-set!
window-brightness                  window-brightness-set!
window-display-mode                window-display-mode-set!
window-flags                       window-flags-raw
window-fullscreen                  window-fullscreen-set!
window-grab?                       window-grab-set!
window-maximum-size                window-maximum-size-set!
window-minimum-size                window-minimum-size-set!
window-pixel-format                window-pixel-format-raw
window-position                    window-position-set!
window-size                        window-size-set!
window-title                       window-title-set!

Related to the sdl2:display-mode struct record type:

make-display-mode                  make-display-mode*                 free-display-mode!
display-mode-format                display-mode-format-set!           display-mode-format-raw
display-mode-w                     display-mode-w-set!
display-mode-h                     display-mode-h-set!
display-mode-refresh-rate          display-mode-refresh-rate-set!