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      Version 0.1.0 released. · db7528cd
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      Added archive of wiki page, for posterity. · ee8c6b4f
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      Added CHANGELOG.md. · 37debca0
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      Added demos/simple.scm. · ee44ca30
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      A very simple demo showing only the basics.
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      Removed free-font! (alias for close-font!). · 9a27bb60
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      Upon further consideration, it's not worth having an alias for
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      Added function bindings related to unicode. · 086f866c
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      - byte-swapped-unicode-set! (TTF_ByteSwappedUNICODE)
      - size-unicode (TTF_SizeUNICODE)
      - render-unicode-solid   / render-unicode-solid*
      - render-unicode-shaded  / render-unicode-shaded*
      - render-unicode-blended / render-unicode-blended*
      CHICKEN doesn't support 16-bit Unicode strings, so the size and
      render functions accept a pointer or locative to a null-terminated C
      array of 16-bit unsigned integers. SRFI-4 u16vectors can be wrapped
      in a locative using make-locative from the lolevel module.
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      Added function bindings for rendering glyphs. · b50a5ba2
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      - render-glyph-solid   / render-glyph-solid*   (TTF_RenderGlyph_Solid)
      - render-glyph-shaded  / render-glyph-shaded*  (TTF_RenderGlyph_Shaded)
      - render-glyph-blended / render-glyph-blended* (TTF_RenderGlyph_Blended)
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      Added function bindings related to glyph metrics. · 0e380468
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      - glyph-provided (TTF_GlyphIsProvided)
      - glyph-metrics  (TTF_GlyphMetrics)
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      Added demos/ttf-demo.scm and related files. · 72282bee
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      The demo renders a line of text 3 times, using solid, shaded, and
      blended render modes. The text, font, and size can be customized via
      the command line. Various font styles, outline, kerning, and hinting
      can be toggled using keyboard keys.
      Included ComicNeue-Regular.otf as the default font, because it has a
      small file size, so the repository will not be bloated too much.
      Its license information is in COMIC-NEUE-LICENSE.txt.
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