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......@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ has been provided in the [examples](
This documentation specifies usage of access and secret keys for AWS. It is also possible to use [IAM roles](./
## Azure Blob Storage
GitLab uses [fog](, but [doesn't currently support fog-azure]( To make use Azure Blob Storage, you will have to setup a [minio-azure gateway](./
## Docker Registry images
Configuration of object storage for the `registry` chart is done via the `` key, and the `global.registry.bucket` key.
......@@ -31,13 +35,15 @@ the global is used by GitLab backups.
Create the secret per [registry chart documentation on storage](../../charts/registry/, then configure the chart to make use of this secret.
Examples for [S3][storage-s3](any s3 compatible) and [GCS][storage-gcs] drivers can be found in
Examples for [S3][storage-s3](any s3 compatible), [Azure][storage-azure] and [GCS][storage-gcs] drivers can be found in
- [registry.s3.yaml](
- [registry.gcs.yaml](
- [](
### Registry configuration
......@@ -90,13 +96,15 @@ See the [charts/globals documentaion on appConfig](../../charts/
Create the secret(s) per the [connection details documentation](../../charts/, and then configure the chart to use the provided secrets. Note, the same secret can be used for all of them.
Examples for [AWS][fog-aws](any S3 compatible) and [Google][fog-gcs] providers can be found in
Examples for [AWS][fog-aws](any S3 compatible like [Azure using Minio][minio-azure] ) and [Google][fog-gcs] providers can be found in
- [rails.s3.yaml](
- [rails.gcs.yaml](
- [](
[minio-azure]: ./
### appConfig configuration
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