Commit 21cba06c authored by John Skarbek's avatar John Skarbek Committed by DJ Mountney

Removes deployment replicas key in favor of the HPA

Due to not setting a default for replicas, we fail a `kubeval`
evaluation.  Since we are relying on an HPA anyways, and we set, by
default a minimum and maximum, I don't believe setting replicas here is
necessary at all.  The HPA, after some time, will eventually take
control of the deployment and monitor pod counts.
parent ed235c41
title: Default Registry replicas to minReplicas
merge_request: 794
author: skarbek
type: other
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ metadata:
{{ include "gitlab.standardLabels" . | indent 4 }}
replicas: {{ .Values.replicas }}
replicas: {{ .Values.minReplicas }}
app: {{ template "name" . }}
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ tokenIssuer: 'gitlab-issuer'
# See
authAutoRedirect: false
# if replicas is >1, shared storage MUST be used.
# if minReplicas is >1, shared storage MUST be used.
minReplicas: 2
maxReplicas: 10
maxUnavailable: 1
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