Commit 1e2c9d02 authored by Julian J. Schrader's avatar Julian J. Schrader

Fixes typo

parent 70607d82
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ for various use cases and customizations of these charts.
Let us say we would like to have a basic GitLab installation using the included
`values-base.yaml`. we would be doing the following:
1. `cp examples/values-base.yaml ./``
1. `cp examples/values-base.yaml ./`
1. Open the file in a text editor
1. Change `gitlab.hosts.domain` and `gitlab.hosts.externalIP` with our own values
1. Change `smtp` block with our values making sure we have the needed secret. Alternatively we can omit the block completely if we do not need to configure `smtp`. Finally we save the file
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