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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ starting point for newcomers and central area for issue tracking. For source
code, or to place a pull request, please check out one of the related
- Core libraries [@kymera/core][]
- Core library [@kymera/core][]
- Simulator app [@kymera/simulator][]
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## Haptic Braille
Haptic Braille is an inexpensive Braille character interface that utilizes a
series of haptic points to form a Braille cell. This interface can be used to
receive textual information without needing to look at a screen or listen for
audible cues, and can be worn anywhere with sufficient nerve density.
Haptic Braille comes in three forms; [Full-Cell](#full-cell-haptic-braille),
[Split-Cell VI](#varying-intensity), and [Split-Cell VC](#varying-cadence).
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