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  3. 15 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Delegate some methods of User to @settings (#5706) · 19e8b861
      ysksn authored
      * Move some tests of User into Settings::ScopedSettings
      * Add a test for User@settings
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      Optional notification muting (#5087) · 031a5a8f
      Alice authored
      * Add a hide_notifications column to mutes
      * Add muting_notifications? and a notifications argument to mute!
      * block notifications in notify_service from hard muted accounts
      * Add specs for how mute! interacts with muting_notifications?
      * specs testing that hide_notifications in mutes actually hides notifications
      * Add support for muting notifications in MuteService
      * API support for muting notifications (and specs)
      * Less gross passing of notifications flag
      * Break out a separate mute modal with a hide-notifications checkbox.
      * Convert profile header mute to use mute modal
      * Satisfy eslint.
      * specs for MuteService notifications params
      * add trailing newlines to files for Pork :)
      * Put the label for the hide notifications checkbox in a label element.
      * Add a /api/v1/mutes/details route that just returns the array of mutes.
      * Define a serializer for /api/v1/mutes/details
      * Add more specs for the /api/v1/mutes/details endpoint
      * Expose whether a mute hides notifications in the api/v1/relationships endpoint
      * Show whether muted users' notifications are muted in account lists
      * Allow modifying the hide_notifications of a mute with the /api/v1/accounts/:id/mute endpoint
      * make the hide/unhide notifications buttons work
      * satisfy eslint
      * In probably dead code, replace a dispatch of muteAccount that was skipping the modal with launching the mute modal.
      * fix a missing import
      * add an explanatory comment to AccountInteractions
      * Refactor handling of default params for muting to make code cleaner
      * minor code style fixes oops
      * Fixed a typo that was breaking the account mute API endpoint
      * Apply white-space: nowrap to account relationships icons
      * Fix code style issues
      * Remove superfluous blank line
      * Rename /api/v1/mutes/details -> /api/v2/mutes
      * Don't serialize "account" in MuteSerializer
      Doing so is somewhat unnecessary since it's always the current user's account.
      * Fix wrong variable name in api/v2/mutes
      * Use Toggle in place of checkbox in the mute modal.
      * Make the Toggle in the mute modal look better
      * Code style changes in specs and removed an extra space
      * Code review suggestions from akihikodaki
      Also fixed a syntax error in tests for AccountInteractions.
      * Make AddHideNotificationsToMute Concurrent
      It's not clear how much this will benefit instances in practice, as the
      number of mutes tends to be pretty small, but this should prevent any
      blocking migrations nonetheless.
      * Fix up migration things
      * Remove /api/v2/mutes
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    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Add moderator role and add pundit policies for admin actions (#5635) · 7bb8b0b2
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add moderator role and add pundit policies for admin actions
      * Add rake task for turning user into mod and revoking it again
      * Fix handling of unauthorized exception
      * Deliver new report e-mails to staff, not just admins
      * Add promote/demote to admin UI, hide some actions conditionally
      * Fix unused i18n
  7. 09 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Add and Remove tests for FollowRequest (#5622) · 54b42901
      ysksn authored
      * Add a test for FollowRequest#authorize!
      * Remove tests
      There is no need to test
      * Make an alias of destroy! as reject!
      Instead of defining the method,
      make an alias of destroy! as reject! because of reducing test.
  8. 07 Nov, 2017 3 commits
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      Twidere mention workaround (#5552) · 5d5c0f4f
      ThibG authored
      * Work around Twidere and Tootdon bug
      Tootdon and Twidere construct @user@domain handles from mentions in toots based
      solely on the mention text and account URI's domain without performing any
      webfinger call or retrieving account info from the Mastodon server.
      As a result, when a remote user has WEB_DOMAIN ≠ LOCAL_DOMAIN, Twidere and
      Tootdon will construct the mention as @user@WEB_DOMAIN. Now, this will usually
      resolve to the correct account (since the recommended configuration is to have
      WEB_DOMAIN perform webfinger redirections to LOCAL_DOMAIN) when processing
      mentions, but won't do so when displaying them (as it does not go through the
      whole account resolution at that time).
      This change rewrites mentions to the resolved account, so that displaying the
      mentions will work.
      * Use lookbehind instead of non-capturing group in MENTION_RE
      Indeed, substitutions with the previous regexp would erroneously eat any
      preceding whitespace, which would lead to concatenated mentions in the
      previous commit.
      Note that users will “lose” up to one character space per mention for their
      toots, as that regexp is also used to remove the domain-part of mentioned
      users for character counting purposes, and it also erroneously removed the
      preceding character if it was a space.
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      Show the local couterpart of emoji when it exists in /admin/custom_emojis (#5467) · b6e2e999
      nullkal authored
      * Show the local couterpart of emoji when it exists in admin/custom_emojis
      * Fix indentation
      * Fix error
      * Add class table-action-link to Overwrite link
      * Make it enable to overwrite emojis
      * Make Code Climate happy
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  10. 16 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Nolan Lawson's avatar
      Add option to reduce motion (#5393) · fa0be3f8
      Nolan Lawson authored
      * Add option to reduce motion
      * Use HOC to wrap all Motion calls
      * fix case-sensitive issue
      * Avoid updating too frequently
      * Get rid of unnecessary change to _simple_status.html.haml
  11. 13 Oct, 2017 3 commits
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      Optimize Status#permitted_for 500x (account timeline) (#5373) · a1c54220
      unarist authored
      The main change of this PR is removing `order by visibility` hack.
      This was introduced to force using of `index_statuses_on_account_id` instead of PK index, but it seems no longer needed probably due to `index_statuses_on_account_id_id`. Removing this avoids reading all rows, so really improves first fetching of the user who has lot of statuses.
      I have also changed JOIN to IN + subquery, which slightly faster in most cases.
    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Fix UserTrackingConcern firing on every request, optimize some queries (#5368) · b8db386e
      Eugen Rochko authored
      - For some reason, :if option on before_action did not work. It got
        executed every time, returned false, and the action run anyway,
        which led to the current_sign_in_at and sign_in_count being
        updated on every request
      - Return "do not filter" early in FeedManager#filter_from_home? if
        the status is authored by receiver. Usually this method is not
        called for own statuses at all, but it is called when Feed#get
        uses the database
      - Return early if #reload_stale_associations! has nothing to load
        to save a database query with WHERE 1=0
    • Lex Alexander's avatar
      Retoot count increases without reason (#5363) · b8bae966
      Lex Alexander authored
      * Retoot count increases without reason
      -The store_uri method for Statuses was being called on after_create and causing reblogs to be incremented twice.
      -This calls it when the transaction is finished by using after_create_commit.
      -Fixes #4916.
      * Added test case for after_create_commit callback for checking reblog count.
      * Rewrote test to keep original, but added one for only the after_create_commit callback.
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      Implement EmailBlackList (#5109) · b3af3f9f
      utam0k authored
      * Implement BlacklistedEmailDomain
      * Use Faker::Internet.domain_name
      * Remove note column
      * Add frozen_string_literal comment
      * Delete unnecessary codes
      * Sort alphabetically
      * Change of wording
      * Rename BlacklistedEmailDomain to EmailDomainBlock
    • Andy Schmitz's avatar
      Non-Serial ("Snowflake") IDs (#4801) · 468523f4
      Andy Schmitz authored
      * Use non-serial IDs
      This change makes a number of nontrivial tweaks to the data model in
      * All IDs are now 8 byte integers (rather than mixed 4- and 8-byte)
      * IDs are now assigned as:
        * Top 6 bytes: millisecond-resolution time from epoch
        * Bottom 2 bytes: serial (within the millisecond) sequence number
        * See /lib/tasks/db.rake's `define_timestamp_id` for details, but
          note that the purpose of these changes is to make it difficult to
          determine the number of objects in a table from the ID of any
      * The Redis sorted set used for the feed will have values used to look
        up toots, rather than scores. This is almost always the same as the
        existing behavior, except in the case of boosted toots. This change
        was made because Redis stores scores as double-precision floats,
        which cannot store the new ID format exactly. Note that this doesn't
        cause problems with sorting/pagination, because ZREVRANGEBYSCORE
        sorts lexicographically when scores are tied. (This will still cause
        sorting issues when the ID gains a new significant digit, but that's
        extraordinarily uncommon.)
      Note a couple of tradeoffs have been made in this commit:
      * lib/tasks/db.rake is used to enforce many/most column constraints,
        because this commit seems likely to take a while to bring upstream.
        Enforcing a post-migrate hook is an easier way to maintain the code
        in the interim.
      * Boosted toots will appear in the timeline as many times as they have
        been boosted. This is a tradeoff due to the way the feed is saved in
        Redis at the moment, but will be handled by a future commit.
      This would effectively close Mastodon's #1059, as it is a
      snowflake-like system of generating IDs. However, given how involved
      the changes were simply within Mastodon, it may have unexpected
      interactions with some clients, if they store IDs as doubles
      (or as 4-byte integers). This was a problem that Twitter ran into with
      their "snowflake" transition, particularly in JavaScript clients that
      treated IDs as JS integers, rather than strings. It therefore would be
      useful to test these changes at least in the web interface and popular
      clients before pushing them to all users.
      * Fix JavaScript interface with long IDs
      Somewhat predictably, the JS interface handled IDs as numbers, which in
      JS are IEEE double-precision floats. This loses some precision when
      working with numbers as large as those generated by the new ID scheme,
      so we instead handle them here as strings. This is relatively simple,
      and doesn't appear to have caused any problems, but should definitely
      be tested more thoroughly than the built-in tests. Several days of use
      appear to support this working properly.
      The major(!) change here is that IDs are now returned as strings by the
      REST endpoints, rather than as integers. In practice, relatively few
      changes were required to make the existing JS UI work with this change,
      but it will likely hit API clients pretty hard: it's an entirely
      different type to consume. (The one API client I tested, Tusky, handles
      this with no problems, however.)
      Twitter ran into this issue when introducing Snowflake IDs, and decided
      to instead introduce an `id_str` field in JSON responses. I have opted
      to *not* do that, and instead force all IDs to 64-bit integers
      represented by strings in one go. (I believe Twitter exacerbated their
      problem by rolling out the changes three times: once for statuses, once
      for DMs, and once for user IDs, as well as by leaving an integer ID
      value in JSON. As they said, "If you’re using the `id` field with JSON
      in a Javascript-related language, there is a very high likelihood that
      the integers will be silently munged by Javascript interpreters. In most
      cases, this will result in behavior such as being unable to load or
      delete a specific direct message, because the ID you're sending to the
      API is different than the actual identifier associated with the
      message." [1]) However, given that this is a significant change for API
      users, alternatives or a transition time may be appropriate.
      1: https://blog.twitter.com/developer/en_us/a/2011/direct-messages-going-snowflake-on-sep-30-2011.html
      * Restructure feed pushes/unpushes
      This was necessary because the previous behavior used Redis zset scores
      to identify statuses, but those are IEEE double-precision floats, so we
      can't actually use them to identify all 64-bit IDs. However, it leaves
      the code in a much better state for refactoring reblog handling /
      Feed-management code has been consolidated in FeedManager, including:
      * BatchedRemoveStatusService no longer directly manipulates feed zsets
      * RemoveStatusService no longer directly manipulates feed zsets
      * PrecomputeFeedService has moved its logic to FeedManager#populate_feed
      (PrecomputeFeedService largely made lots of calls to FeedManager, but
      didn't follow the normal adding-to-feed process.)
      This has the effect of unifying all of the feed push/unpush logic in
      FeedManager, making it much more tractable to update it in the future.
      Due to some additional checks that must be made during, for example,
      batch status removals, some Redis pipelining has been removed. It does
      not appear that this should cause significantly increased load, but if
      necessary, some optimizations are possible in batch cases. These were
      omitted in the pursuit of simplicity, but a batch_push and batch_unpush
      would be possible in the future.
      Tests were added to verify that pushes happen under expected conditions,
      and to verify reblog behavior (both on pushing and unpushing). In the
      case of unpushing, this includes testing behavior that currently leads
      to confusion such as Mastodon's #2817, but this codifies that the
      behavior is currently expected.
      * Rubocop fixes
      I could swear I made these changes already, but I must have lost them
      somewhere along the line.
      * Address review comments
      This addresses the first two comments from review of this feature:
      This adds an optional argument to FeedManager#key, the subtype of feed
      key to generate. It also tests to ensure that FeedManager's settings are
      such that reblogs won't be tracked forever.
      * Hardcode IdToBigints migration columns
      This addresses a comment during review:
      This means we'll need to make sure that all _id columns going forward
      are bigints, but that should happen automatically in most cases.
      * Additional fixes for stringified IDs in JSON
      These should be the last two. These were identified using eslint to try
      to identify any plain casts to JavaScript numbers. (Some such casts are
      legitimate, but these were not.)
      Adding the following to .eslintrc.yml will identify casts to numbers:
        - warn
        - selector: UnaryExpression[operator='+'] > :not(Literal)
          message: Avoid the use of unary +
        - selector: CallExpression[callee.name='Number']
          message: Casting with Number() may coerce string IDs to numbers
      The remaining three casts appear legitimate: two casts to array indices,
      one in a server to turn an environment variable into a number.
      * Only implement timestamp IDs for Status IDs
      Per discussion in #4801, this is only being merged in for Status IDs at
      this point. We do this in a migration, as there is no longer use for
      a post-migration hook. We keep the initialization of the timestamp_id
      function as a Rake task, as it is also needed after db:schema:load (as
      db/schema.rb doesn't store Postgres functions).
      * Change internal streaming payloads to stringified IDs as well
      This is equivalent to 591a9af356faf2d5c7e66e3ec715502796c875cd from
      #5019, with an extra change for the addition to FeedManager#unpush.
      * Ensure we have a status_id_seq sequence
      Apparently this is not a given when specifying a custom ID function,
      so now we ensure it gets created. This uses the generic version of this
      function to more easily support adding additional tables with timestamp
      IDs in the future, although it would be possible to cut this down to a
      less generic version if necessary. It is only run during db:schema:load
      or the relevant migration, so the overhead is extraordinarily minimal.
      * Transition reblogs to new Redis format
      This provides a one-way migration to transition old Redis reblog entries
      into the new format, with a separate tracking entry for reblogs.
      It is not invertible because doing so could (if timestamp IDs are used)
      require a database query for each status in each users' feed, which is
      likely to be a significant toll on major instances.
      * Address review comments from @akihikodaki
      No functional changes.
      * Additional review changes
      * Heredoc cleanup
      * Run db:schema:load hooks for test in development
      This matches the behavior in Rails'
      ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks.each_current_configuration, which
      would otherwise break `rake db:setup` in development.
      It also moves some functionality out to a library, which will be a good
      place to put additional related functionality in the near future.
  17. 02 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Andy Schmitz's avatar
      Make IdsToBigints (mostly!) non-blocking (#5088) · 97c02c33
      Andy Schmitz authored
      * Make IdsToBigints (mostly!) non-blocking
      This pulls in GitLab's MigrationHelpers, which include code to make
      column changes in ways that Postgres can do without locking. In general,
      this involves creating a new column, adding an index and any foreign
      keys as appropriate, adding a trigger to keep it populated alongside
      the old column, and then progressively copying data over to the new
      column, before removing the old column and replacing it with the new
      A few changes to GitLab's MigrationHelpers were necessary:
      * Some changes were made to remove dependencies on other GitLab code.
      * We explicitly wait for index creation before forging ahead on column
      * We use different temporary column names, to avoid running into index
        name length limits.
      * We rename the generated indices back to what they "should" be after
        replacing columns.
      * We rename the generated foreign keys to use the new column names when
        we had to create them. (This allows the migration to be rolled back
        without incident.)
      # Big Scary Warning
      There are two things here that may trip up large instances:
      1. The change for tables' "id" columns is not concurrent. In
         particular, the stream_entries table may be big, and does not
         concurrently migrate its id column. (On the other hand, x_id type
         columns are all concurrent.)
      2. This migration will take a long time to run, *but it should not
         lock tables during that time* (with the exception of the "id"
         columns as described above). That means this should probably be run
         in `screen` or some other session that can be run for a long time.
         Notably, the migration will take *longer* than it would without
         these changes, but the website will still be responsive during that
      These changes were tested on a relatively large statuses table (256k
      entries), and the service remained responsive during the migration.
      Migrations both forward and backward were tested.
      * Rubocop fixes
      * MigrationHelpers: Support ID columns in some cases
      This doesn't work in cases where the ID column is referred to as a
      foreign key by another table.
      * MigrationHelpers: support foreign keys for ID cols
      Note that this does not yet support foreign keys on non-primary-key
      columns, but Mastodon also doesn't yet have any that we've needed to
      This means we can perform fully "concurrent" migrations to change ID
      column types, and the IdsToBigints migration can happen with effectively
      no downtime. (A few operations require a transaction, such as renaming
      columns or deleting them, but these transactions should not block for
      noticeable amounts of time.)
      The algorithm for generating foreign key names has changed with this,
      and therefore all of those changed in schema.rb.
      * Provide status, allow for interruptions
      The MigrationHelpers now allow restarting the rename of a column if it
      was interrupted, by removing the old "new column" and re-starting the
      Along with this, they now provide status updates on the changes which
      are happening, as well as indications about when the changes can be
      safely interrupted (when there are at least 10 seconds estimated to be
      left before copying data is complete).
      The IdsToBigints migration now also sorts the columns it migrates by
      size, starting with the largest tables. This should provide
      administrators a worst-case scenario estimate for the length of
      migrations: each successive change will get faster, giving admins a
      chance to abort early on if they need to run the migration later. The
      idea is that this does not force them to try to time interruptions
      between smaller migrations.
      * Fix column sorting in IdsToBigints
      Not a significant change, but it impacts the order of columns in the
      database and db/schema.rb.
      * Actually pause before IdsToBigints
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    • unarist's avatar
      Increase max height of preview card image (#5092) · 5c82c2b7
      unarist authored
      We added horizontal layout to preview card for wide image. However, max height of the thumbnail is still limited to 120px and it makes nearly square images to too small for that layout.
      This PR increases max height as well as max width.
  22. 23 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Add emoji autosuggest (#5053) · 1e02ba11
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add emoji autosuggest
      Some credit goes to glitch-soc/mastodon#149
      * Remove server-side shortcode->unicode conversion
      * Insert shortcode when suggestion is custom emoji
      * Remove remnant of server-side emojis
      * Update style of autosuggestions
      * Fix wrong emoji filenames generated in autosuggest item
      * Do not lazy load emoji picker, as that no longer works
      * Fix custom emoji autosuggest
      * Fix multiple "Custom" categories getting added to emoji index, only add once
  23. 22 Sep, 2017 3 commits
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  25. 19 Sep, 2017 2 commits
    • Akihiko Odaki's avatar
      Introduce OStatus::TagManager (#5008) · bb4d005a
      Akihiko Odaki authored
    • chr-1x's avatar
      Add support for multiple themes (#4959) · 0401a245
      chr-1x authored
      * Add support for selecting a theme
      * Fix codeclimate issues
      * Look up site default style if current user is not available due to e.g. not being logged in
      * Remove outdated comment in common.js
      * Address requested changes in themes PR
      * Fix codeclimate issues
      * Explicitly check current_account in application controller and only check theme availability if non-nil
      * codeclimate
      * explicit precedence with &&
      * Fix code style in application_controller according to @nightpool's suggestion, use default style in embedded.html.haml
      * codeclimate: indentation + return