1. 17 Nov, 2017 7 commits
  2. 16 Nov, 2017 2 commits
  3. 15 Nov, 2017 5 commits
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      Delegate some methods of User to @settings (#5706) · 19e8b861
      ysksn authored
      * Move some tests of User into Settings::ScopedSettings
      * Add a test for User@settings
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      reusable-streaming (#5709) · c73a1fb5
      masarakki authored
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      Optional notification muting (#5087) · 031a5a8f
      Alice authored
      * Add a hide_notifications column to mutes
      * Add muting_notifications? and a notifications argument to mute!
      * block notifications in notify_service from hard muted accounts
      * Add specs for how mute! interacts with muting_notifications?
      * specs testing that hide_notifications in mutes actually hides notifications
      * Add support for muting notifications in MuteService
      * API support for muting notifications (and specs)
      * Less gross passing of notifications flag
      * Break out a separate mute modal with a hide-notifications checkbox.
      * Convert profile header mute to use mute modal
      * Satisfy eslint.
      * specs for MuteService notifications params
      * add trailing newlines to files for Pork :)
      * Put the label for the hide notifications checkbox in a label element.
      * Add a /api/v1/mutes/details route that just returns the array of mutes.
      * Define a serializer for /api/v1/mutes/details
      * Add more specs for the /api/v1/mutes/details endpoint
      * Expose whether a mute hides notifications in the api/v1/relationships endpoint
      * Show whether muted users' notifications are muted in account lists
      * Allow modifying the hide_notifications of a mute with the /api/v1/accounts/:id/mute endpoint
      * make the hide/unhide notifications buttons work
      * satisfy eslint
      * In probably dead code, replace a dispatch of muteAccount that was skipping the modal with launching the mute modal.
      * fix a missing import
      * add an explanatory comment to AccountInteractions
      * Refactor handling of default params for muting to make code cleaner
      * minor code style fixes oops
      * Fixed a typo that was breaking the account mute API endpoint
      * Apply white-space: nowrap to account relationships icons
      * Fix code style issues
      * Remove superfluous blank line
      * Rename /api/v1/mutes/details -> /api/v2/mutes
      * Don't serialize "account" in MuteSerializer
      Doing so is somewhat unnecessary since it's always the current user's account.
      * Fix wrong variable name in api/v2/mutes
      * Use Toggle in place of checkbox in the mute modal.
      * Make the Toggle in the mute modal look better
      * Code style changes in specs and removed an extra space
      * Code review suggestions from akihikodaki
      Also fixed a syntax error in tests for AccountInteractions.
      * Make AddHideNotificationsToMute Concurrent
      It's not clear how much this will benefit instances in practice, as the
      number of mutes tends to be pretty small, but this should prevent any
      blocking migrations nonetheless.
      * Fix up migration things
      * Remove /api/v2/mutes
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  4. 14 Nov, 2017 5 commits
  5. 12 Nov, 2017 2 commits
  6. 11 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Add moderator role and add pundit policies for admin actions (#5635) · 7bb8b0b2
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add moderator role and add pundit policies for admin actions
      * Add rake task for turning user into mod and revoking it again
      * Fix handling of unauthorized exception
      * Deliver new report e-mails to staff, not just admins
      * Add promote/demote to admin UI, hide some actions conditionally
      * Fix unused i18n
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      Retry thread resolving (#5599) · 2b119006
      ThibG authored
      Thread resolving is one of the few tasks that isn't retried on failure.
      One common cause for failure of this task is a well-connected user replying to
      a toot from a little-connected user on a small instance: the small instance
      will get many requests at once, and will often fail to answer requests within
      the 10 seconds timeout used by Mastodon.
      This changes makes the ThreadResolveWorker retry a few times, with a
      rapidly-increasing time before retries and large random contribution in order
      to spread the load over time.
  7. 09 Nov, 2017 3 commits
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      Add and Remove tests for FollowRequest (#5622) · 54b42901
      ysksn authored
      * Add a test for FollowRequest#authorize!
      * Remove tests
      There is no need to test
      * Make an alias of destroy! as reject!
      Instead of defining the method,
      make an alias of destroy! as reject! because of reducing test.
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      Show confirmation dialog on leaving WebUI while composing (#5616) · 49a285ce
      unarist authored
      * Show confirmation dialog on leaving WebUI while composing
      Currently, Back button and Back hotkey can cause leaving from WebUI, as well as browser's back button. Users may hit those buttons accidentally, and their composing text will be lost.
      So this prevents it by showing confirmation dialog from `onbeforeunload` event.
      * Fix message and comments
  8. 08 Nov, 2017 1 commit
  9. 07 Nov, 2017 11 commits
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      Eliminate space around emoji (#5474) · 3f16caaa
      nullkal authored
      * Eliminate space around emoji
      * More improve emoji style
      * Make more compatible with Twemoji
      * Make scss-lint happy
      * Make not modify normal emoji's behavior
      * Decrease status__action-bar's margin-top to 5px
      * Make the test be passed
      * Revert "Make the test be passed"
      This reverts commit 54a8c60e5907ef20a5ceb5ab2c86a933e06f3ece.
      * Revert "Make not modify normal emoji's behavior"
      This reverts commit 6a5bdf0c11df16ebd190cb3ab9d2e8f1349f435a.
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      Twidere mention workaround (#5552) · 5d5c0f4f
      ThibG authored
      * Work around Twidere and Tootdon bug
      Tootdon and Twidere construct @user@domain handles from mentions in toots based
      solely on the mention text and account URI's domain without performing any
      webfinger call or retrieving account info from the Mastodon server.
      As a result, when a remote user has WEB_DOMAIN ≠ LOCAL_DOMAIN, Twidere and
      Tootdon will construct the mention as @user@WEB_DOMAIN. Now, this will usually
      resolve to the correct account (since the recommended configuration is to have
      WEB_DOMAIN perform webfinger redirections to LOCAL_DOMAIN) when processing
      mentions, but won't do so when displaying them (as it does not go through the
      whole account resolution at that time).
      This change rewrites mentions to the resolved account, so that displaying the
      mentions will work.
      * Use lookbehind instead of non-capturing group in MENTION_RE
      Indeed, substitutions with the previous regexp would erroneously eat any
      preceding whitespace, which would lead to concatenated mentions in the
      previous commit.
      Note that users will “lose” up to one character space per mention for their
      toots, as that regexp is also used to remove the domain-part of mentioned
      users for character counting purposes, and it also erroneously removed the
      preceding character if it was a space.
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      fix: slang to adequate word (#5453) · e618edf8
      voidSatisfaction authored
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      Show the local couterpart of emoji when it exists in /admin/custom_emojis (#5467) · b6e2e999
      nullkal authored
      * Show the local couterpart of emoji when it exists in admin/custom_emojis
      * Fix indentation
      * Fix error
      * Add class table-action-link to Overwrite link
      * Make it enable to overwrite emojis
      * Make Code Climate happy
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      Avoid emojifying on invisible text (#5558) · 782224c9
      MIYAGI Hikaru authored
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      Do not process undeliverable mentions (#5598) · 84cfee24
      ThibG authored
      * Resolve remote accounts when mentioned even if they are already known
      This commit reduces the risk of not having up-to-date public key or protocol
      information for a remote account, which is required to deliver toots
      (especially direct messages).
      * Do not add mentions in private messages for remote users we cannot deliver to
      Mastodon does not deliver private and direct toots to OStatus users, as there
      is no guarantee the remote software understands the toot's privacy. However,
      users currently do not get any feedback on it (Mastodon won't attempt delivery,
      but the toot will be displayed exactly the same way to the user).
      This change introduces *some* feedback by not processing mentions that are
      not going to be delivered. A long-term solution is still needed to have
      delivery receipts or at least some better indication of what is going on, but
      at least an user can see *something* is up.
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      Resolve remote accounts when mentioned even if they are already known (#5539) · 7bea1530
      ThibG authored
      This commit reduces the risk of not having up-to-date public key or protocol
      information for a remote account, which is required to deliver toots
      (especially direct messages).
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      Make fullscreen video in detailed status plays in fullscreen (Partly Fix #5160) (#5611) · 864c4d86
      nullkal authored
      * Make fullscreen video in detailed status plays in fullscreen (Fix #5160)
      * Directly assign the initial state
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      Hide disabled custom emojis from emoji picker and emoji auto suggestions. (#5613) · d8cd9000
      kedama authored
      Make the same behavior as /api/v1/custom_emojis.
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