Unverified Commit 5d312ef9 authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko Committed by GitHub

Fix slow fallback of CopyAccountStats migration setting stats to 0 (#9930)

parent d4300c3b
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ class CopyAccountStats < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
# uniqueness violations that we need to skip over
Account.unscoped.select('id, statuses_count, following_count, followers_count, created_at, updated_at').find_each do |account|
params = [[nil, account.id], [nil, account.statuses_count], [nil, account.following_count], [nil, account.followers_count], [nil, account.created_at], [nil, account.updated_at]]
params = [[nil, account.id], [nil, account[:statuses_count]], [nil, account[:following_count]], [nil, account[:followers_count]], [nil, account.created_at], [nil, account.updated_at]]
exec_insert('INSERT INTO account_stats (account_id, statuses_count, following_count, followers_count, created_at, updated_at) VALUES ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6)', nil, params)
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique
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