Commit 2b119006 authored by ThibG's avatar ThibG Committed by Eugen Rochko

Retry thread resolving (#5599)

Thread resolving is one of the few tasks that isn't retried on failure.
One common cause for failure of this task is a well-connected user replying to
a toot from a little-connected user on a small instance: the small instance
will get many requests at once, and will often fail to answer requests within
the 10 seconds timeout used by Mastodon.

This changes makes the ThreadResolveWorker retry a few times, with a
rapidly-increasing time before retries and large random contribution in order
to spread the load over time.
parent 56720ba5
......@@ -3,7 +3,11 @@
class ThreadResolveWorker
include Sidekiq::Worker
sidekiq_options queue: 'pull', retry: false
sidekiq_options queue: 'pull', retry: 3
sidekiq_retry_in do |count|
15 + 10 * (count**4) + rand(10 * (count**4))
def perform(child_status_id, parent_url)
child_status = Status.find(child_status_id)
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