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    Add ActivityPub inbox (#4216) · dd7ef0dc
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Add ActivityPub inbox
    * Handle ActivityPub deletes
    * Handle ActivityPub creates
    * Handle ActivityPub announces
    * Stubs for handling all activities that need to be handled
    * Add ActivityPub actor resolving
    * Handle conversation URI passing in ActivityPub
    * Handle content language in ActivityPub
    * Send accept header when fetching actor, handle JSON parse errors
    * Test for ActivityPub::FetchRemoteAccountService
    * Handle public key and icon/image when embedded/as array/as resolvable URI
    * Implement ActivityPub::FetchRemoteStatusService
    * Add stubs for more interactions
    * Undo activities implemented
    * Handle out of order activities
    * Hook up ActivityPub to ResolveRemoteAccountService, handle
    Update Account activities
    * Add fragment IDs to all transient activity serializers
    * Add tests and fixes
    * Add stubs for missing tests
    * Add more tests
    * Add more tests
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