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    Do not process undeliverable mentions (#5598) · 84cfee24
    ThibG authored
    * Resolve remote accounts when mentioned even if they are already known
    This commit reduces the risk of not having up-to-date public key or protocol
    information for a remote account, which is required to deliver toots
    (especially direct messages).
    * Do not add mentions in private messages for remote users we cannot deliver to
    Mastodon does not deliver private and direct toots to OStatus users, as there
    is no guarantee the remote software understands the toot's privacy. However,
    users currently do not get any feedback on it (Mastodon won't attempt delivery,
    but the toot will be displayed exactly the same way to the user).
    This change introduces *some* feedback by not processing mentions that are
    not going to be delivered. A long-term solution is still needed to have
    delivery receipts or at least some better indication of what is going on, but
    at least an user can see *something* is up.
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